Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh you fancy, huh?

I feel like yuck.

Good morning , well actually, it's like technically lunch time, except I haven't moved from this spot and my throat hurts so bad that I am overdosing on Twitter because I can't verbally communicate.

I mean, go look at my Twitter feed (@shannondrauch), and you'll see what I mean.

Big magazine launch party tonight at the Westin!

So, it's T Minus 9 hours til red carpet and I'm still working on a To Do list today that was pretty easy actually, but now, ah screw it. I mean. It's gonna take a swat team to get me looking presentable tonight, but it's really important to me that I go and then just as important to make my flight to New York City right away tomorrow. I cannot be sick. But whatever.

I have not gotten my spray tan. My nails looks like I just clawed my way out of a murderer's grasp. My eyebrows look like the hungry caterpillar , except hairier and less festive, and I ate cake all day yesterday. I also forgot to book a hair appointment, so Jessica's gonna have her work cut out for her.

I'm pretty sure this is going to turn out well.

I'm gonna go chug some dayquil, but not so much I can't drive.

I can't tell if I'm really sick or just allergies.

Geeezzzzzzzzzzzzz ok well, gotta get back to cake eating and procrastinating. Awesome update later. Not.

UPDATE: Im looking for a picture of a sick person like with a thermometer for this blog post so I google SICK PICTURES and all I get is pictures of pot, people making like gang signs, someone's thong, and cars. So I guess Sick is the new WTF. Anway, so if this doesn't have a picture it's not cuz I'm lazy, because everything else today is "cuz I'm lazy" it's because I apparently lack in google skills and Flu pictures is giving me pictures of cells and hospital beds. I dont have the flu but I look like I do. And damn if you're getting an actual pic of me right now.

F. Me.

UPDATED UPDATE: Obviously I found a picture. Hah that guy looks funny.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Things I Did Today

I am not using this as an excuse, but I have a really sore throat and it's bumming me out and I missed a fun event yesterday with friends and I'm hoping I'm not sick to miss my huge first ever magazine launch. I'm IN the magazine. Like, planned. Not like when I was in Charlotte magazine and it was someone who took my picture and put it in the "Spotted" section (although that was cool too), No, this is something that I did FOR the magazine, so I'm very excited about this launch, but I'm disappointed because I have had to change my plans with friends to go play around in NYC in order to go to this party, which is a hard call, but I'm going to do it anyway, and fly out Saturday. So I get to do both, but if I'm sick and cranky neither one is going to be as fun as I am building it up to be. So happy thoughts that I only have allergies and it's just the benadryl knocking me on my a$$ instead of some virus.

That being said, I did some things today I kinda feel bad about. Earlier, I drove through a puddle as this beautiful jogging lady came around the corner, and I sprayed her with a lot of mud water. Except the first thing I did was snicker because her pony tail was so perfect and my hair looks like a rats nest. And I realize that was mean. My friend and I were making jokes the other day about doing that to the perfect people but we didnt really do it and today I did it. I felt guilty about 30 seconds later though.

I ate too much cake and Dr. Pepper because I'm sitting on the couch all knocked out on Benadryl and posting silly tweets on my twitter. I don't ever tweet when I'm sick or tired on my client's twitters because I'd get sued so I'm working , but not really, but kind of. So I have this giant food baby. I look pregnant. I estimate that if I were actually pregnant, I would be about 2-3 months along when I eat that way. I wish I were kidding.

I went to the grocery store to get groceries and I parked in the Expecting Mothers parking space which is right up front because my stomach was so full of food and I'm so lethargic I thought I could pass for pregnant. Actually though, this is not the first time I parked in that spot. Another time I needed to go to the bathroom really bad and the other time it was just laziness. The really sad thing though, is that all it takes is a big lunch and some bad posture and people in the parking lot give me that , "aww a new mother" look. Some ask me if it's my first. And then they get the door for me. It's so addictive to get sweet pregnant lady attention! Never mind the fact that I am driving a Mercedes Convertible. They're probably thinking HA HA she is gonna have to get rid of THAT soon. Must not have been planned. Then I wonder if they think I'm a ho and then I realize that it's my damn karma fairys peeing on me instead of giving me happy dust because I've been such a jerk all day, spraying Myers Park princesses and laughing about it and then depriving legitimately pregnant women from close parking.

Also, I'm a really picky eater sometimes. Not always, but I will order things VERY SPECIFICALLY ,and then when I get a weird look from the person bringing the food (it's usually at Sonic because I would never pull this shit at a table in front of people I actually know) anyway if I order something weird covered with cheese or like I ask for 3 salsas or 3 bowls of lemons for my fish then I will say that I'm pregnant and they'll go OH! and let me have it without the weird look. Also when I ask to use bathrooms in a store becauase I waited too long like a toddler and now I suddenly have to go, and they say there isn't a public restroom and then I tell them Im so sorry Im pregnant and then they treat me like Im cute and I get to use it.

I'm really feeling guilty right now, and I probably should go eat some more cake. I pull this pregnant stuff so often that I even have it named. Its name is Piglet. For reals. So when I'm cranky and just craving something really bad for no reason,or I overeat because I'm usually so controlled, David will raise his eyebrow and I'll tell him Piglet was starving. (we arent able to have kids, so this will never happen)

So, before I spill some more evil secrets , I think I will have some more cake. You know, for the baby. Piglet's STARVING!


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, Aren't You a Concerned Bunch?

Well HI! I have had an attitude check and I am feeling much better. Actually remember when I was timing out my little rants that happened like right before my aunt flo came to visit because I swear I have PMDD? Well that actually was my irrational meltdown day, because the next day, guess what!!! SO , even though you're sitting here going, GROSS SHANNON, AGAIN??? I am giving PMDD another point which means I am not crazy, it just means that I have some kind of imbalance and it's not totally my fault. Although I would like to applaud myself because my self control during my little "episodes" is getting a lot better and my rant happened in digital form and no one physically near me got hurt or anything thrown at them and it didn't end with me in a room for 15 minutes bawling and my husband offering wine or chocolate or anything to make it stop.

See? That's improvement!! If you're a new reader, you're going to need to back it up a little and read for some history instead of writing me off as crazy. I mean, I don't know you anyway, so think what you want, and I moderate my comments, so I'm kind of in charge here. YEAH!!
Anyways, my blog is nice and organized and all my crazy blogs are tagged rants, or PMDD, or whatever, so it'll be fun.

Wait give me one more second before I describe what happened this weekend. It's not that funny, but I decided to tell it like it was. I mean it was but...whatever here we go again. So last week, that rant, basically was aimed at a person who wrote me an email from their professional buisness email and then spelled all kinds of crap wrong, calling me unprofessional for not approving my press piece and opinion through them without publishing (uh, what?) in said email , and I completely word-assassinated them and then ended it with "thanks for the delicious cupcake" which was the only thing I liked about the killjoy of an event they attempted. Then I wrote a blog about how stupid they were (leaving out names) and how frustrated I was, and then I deleted it and wrote that I needed an attitude check. So there's that story. Oh, by the way, this really super professional person is claiming they can blacklist me from the industry. Really? You go on ahead with your 17 followers and misspelled emails to the press. That's cute. Because I actually did write a positive press piece because I felt so bad that their abortion of an event was such a joke I actually thought I could be helpful. Wellllll, I pulled that piece from publication so fast I'm pretty sure my laptop spun. I hate you. Don't make me mad, I'm really sweet, honest I am, but I will destroy you digitally if you are an ignorant idiot. It really takes a lot to piss me off. Just don't. Especially at the end of the month, then you're double screwed.

So, that is the recap for the flood of inbox "WTF" I got and the texts regarding why I need an attitude check and please repost the blog. I'm not reposting it, there's your recap, and I'm pretty sure even though I had a right to be angry, I should not have posted a blog so quickly before I calmed down. Thank you for your concern.

Well screw it, this whole blog was donated to that dumb event again when I really wanted to tell you my People of Walmart story. Dammit. Ok that's gonna have to be another blog.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shannon needs an attitude check.

(lound annoying noise)
This blog has been interrupted by the Shannon Needs An Attitude Check Safety Bureau. This is not a test. The previous blog has been deleted because after further investigation, it has been determined that Shannon is not going to be allowed anywhere near a blog until she has had sufficient sleep, headache relief, and is possibly not on the cusp of another PMDD meltdown. Or is not just acting irrationally for no other reason than she was wired to think she is Queen and those who cross her must be destroyed. And these are just the acceptable forms of TMI that actually make it past the safety committee. Thank you for reading. This concludes this test of the Attitude Check Committee. Shannon will resume her normal blog activity when she can play nice with the other kids.

(loud annoying noise)

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Not Talking About Headaches or Insomnia

Last night, I went to this fashion thingie at that Ritz Carlton place that's kind of fancy. I'm not deleting this sentence, it's staying the stupid way it is. That's how my brain works right now, it hurts, and I'm blogging because I have to. I'm sorry. I'm putting out because it's my job no more no less, you people just take and take and take. Haha.

Anyways, so here's my professional take on it...(read the article on that's where professional shannon lives.

That's right. Delicious chocolate mannequin. I wonder who got to eat it? I didn't stay long enough.

Guess what, I got sleep last night. I took two Valium and a glass of wine. I feel like a dirty person telling you that but it's prescribed, so don't judge. No dreams...just fabulous, fluffly, sleep. That was until I had to get up and go to the bathroom. AT 2AM. AND STAYED AWAKE.

I hate you.

So, in order not to bitch and moan about that I'm going to tell you what I started today for dinner later tonight. I don't have a recipe, I just kind of made it up. I decided I wanted italian sausage meatballs over angel hair pasta. I made it all from scratch. Except the pasta, are you crazy?

So anyways, I got the ground sausage from the butcher, fresh, and I put it in my kitchen aid and dropped a few drops of red wine in with it, some mozzerella cheeese, minced garlic, salt, and pepper, and set it on mix. After the concoction got all stuck together, I rolled it into little balls. I actually touched the meat too which is an accomplishment because I hate touching raw meat. It's more like, I hate touching raw chicken so I guess that really isn't relevant at all is it? No, it really isn't.

So then I sprayed the pan with light extra virgin olive oil and sprayed each meatball and then I browned each side. Well those little bastards kept getting stuck and falling apart so I dumped some red wine in there with it, like a little tiny bit just to cover the bottom, brought that to a boil and then rolled them around til they were brown on all sides. Then I dropped them into the crockpot. In another pan, I lightly tossed chopped onions with EVOO and browned those, then poured two tablespoons of the cooking wine in with that. It sizzled and made a fabulous noise. I love that, it makes me feel like a stove ninja. It smelled good too. So then I dumped that into the crockpot with a giant can of tomato sauce, some stewed tomatoes, garlic salt, salt, pepper, basil leaves and some parmesan cheese and potato buds to hold it all together and keep it saucy instead of watery. Holy crap the whole house smells delicious.

Later , I'll boil the angel hair and we'll have the best pasta ever.

And that is my blog today.

Yummy yum yum.

My head hurts, I'm going to go snort Goody's Powder in an effort to get relief. Not really, but would that work? Has anyone done it? Neurologist tomorrow. Bah.

I don't feel like adding a picture on here either use your damn imagination.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

If My Dreams Suck, Then What Should I Follow?

It's no secret I've been having sleep problems lately. I pretty much had to stop blogging because I didn't want to bore you all with the "I'm not sleeping again show". I mean, it's on almost every night. So, I'm going to a neurologist Wednesday because I have headaches all the time and this whole thing may be a side effect of the concussion I got back in March that had me in the hospital 5 days. Yeah, that sucked.

I was getting out of the car, and this cat was sitting there. It looked evil. My stepdaughter said cats aren't evil. I disagreed but went to pet it to tell her I was going to test my faith. The cat was nice and fluffy.

Hey stepdaughter! Look! Look at me pet the cat! It' s evil!! They're not even looking. They're crossing the street now. Well hell, I pet an evil cat and risked my life for nothing! I gather up my purse and phone and carry it like a baby so I can run across the street, when I trip on a wire that's supporting a baby tree and sail face first into the street. Cracked my glasses. Cracked my head. BAM. Cats are evil.
I spent 5 days in the hospital and ordered $1000 in candy for the wedding so I could have a candy buffet. I have barely any memory of this. But whatever.

So these headaches and insomnia may have something to do with that concussion.

The other night , I slept but I had a really weird dream. It started out pleasantly, I made my family dinner. It was chicken pot pies and the crust was all nice and flaky and smelled delicious. Everyone was happy. I sat down to eat with them and then when I put my fork in my chicken pot pie, a giant tarantula crawled out. I freaked out and woke up sweating and couldn't go back to sleep. It was awful.

The next day I dreamed I was cooking, and when I went to lift the lid on the pot of water to see if the water was boiling, a thousand tiny spiders swarmed out all over. I woke up again in a cold sweat, unable to go back to sleep.

A few nights later, I didn't dream of spiders. I had a dream that I was swimming in a lake filled with snakes. Eff this!! Now I don't even want to go to sleep! This is insane!!

So I've been kind of cranky lately and I work solid all day long every day. I'm not even taking new clients now, but that's good.

Is it anxiety? Is it the concussion? I have cut down on the caffiene. Internet research also suggests excercise and lots of water. I am NOT willing to take sleeping pills.

So that's what I've been up to. Anyone had any weird dreams lately? I hate spiders. Blah.

Back to work!! Love you!


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

You've been Pre-Napped

all funned out...

It's not a prenup. It's a pre-nap blog. So this may be all swimmy and exhausted and really foggy like my head right now, but you knew that I was like this before we started this relationship and so you don't get to complain. Or something. My goodness where to start.

I had no idea starting and carrying out a business would take up so much time. I don't sleep at night very well because I think I have anxiety, and during the day, I'm running around being charming and signing up clients. Yesterday I realized that enough is enough. I am only taking x clients.

I'm already maxing out all my waking hours between the business and the press stuff. I hired someone to help me handle my schedule and with the housework. In addition to already having a cleaning lady. The anxiety leads me to not sleep, and then the delirious adrenaline rush carries me through the day because I love what I do and I'm so excited and I have all this great stuff on the horizon but I'm not going to be able to manage it if I don't slllowwwww dowwwnn.

I am so glad that I am doing so well, but I am terrible at managing my time. The hours at night when I can't sleep aren't productive hours so I can't really switch my work to that time. I kind of just sit there and stare at the wall and let my mind go wherever it wants until it finally settles down enough so I can lay down. It's like I always have one eye open - my mind's eye. I want to duct tape it shut and some how unplug the brain activity. I can't take sleep aids, they give me nightmares. I always dream of dead people, and it detail and it freaks me out and I wake up more exhausted.

Today, I spent 5 hours agonizing over an article that I thought would be easy, but my overanalyzing made all the words on the screen jumble around and I kept losing track of my sentences. I also ran a biker off the road and into some sprinklers. Ok, well that was kind of funny. He was hogging the road and I went to pass him, legally, safely, but then another car turned on to the road mid-pass coming the opposite direction so I closed the gap between us a little and the guy freaked out and drove right through sprinklers. I didn't know that happened though until he caught up with me at a stop sign and then palm slapped my window and gave me a look that said "I hope you die horribly". I was very confused and then my stepdaughter was like, you didn't do anything wrong, you made him go through the sprinklers. On the road. Not even like, in the grass, just within the sprinklers reach.

What is he so mad for? He probably need cooling off. No need to smack the car. But whatever, it's the loaner car from Mercedes Benz ,so I didn't feel like I cared much , he wont see that car again often. But I'll see him. And not that I would but because I'll be incognito when I get my actual car fixed, I'll make sure to drive through a puddle and deserve that go to hell look.

Wow, that's mean. I'm like a cranky toddler. I have been intending to take a nap since 1130, but now one hour later, I am still screwing around online. No wonder I have so many headaches.

So, I'm happy to say that I can focus on the clients I have and not take any more for a while. (besides people I've already approached who havent signed, I have a little wiggle room) But I will not go finding new clients for all of September and I will from now on schedule break time so that I don't for reals run some one off the road while I'm driving. Hopefully this will help me to relax and accept all the blessings coming my way.

Tah tah for now, oh my gosh, I hope I can shut my brain off...I guess I'll be back if I can't...

Sleepy Shannon.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Outtake Action

Here's a little outtake from my shoot with Brittney Cason! Of course, you have to go to to get the rest, and they're not even up yet, and you'll have to read the awe inspiring interview I did with her. Awe inspiring. Yep I said it. It's actually more amusing and fun than awe inspiring, but at 2am anything sounds like it makes sense.

How do they fit five hours in this little bottle?

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Happy Pantsless Monday!

What a great way to start off the week! I don't even mean "pantsless in the shower" because we all start our day that way. At least I hope you do, anyway. I mean pantsless in the literal sense. Or Skirtless, whichever angle you're looking at it from, it's probably not a good idea.

Once upon a Monday..(cue wavy dream sequence lines)

My alarm went off and I didn't listen to it, I just went back to sleep because that's what you do. Except when you have too many things to do and that is kind of my situation lately. My professional endeavors have paid off like a zillion fold and I have been so busy I barely have time to make sure I sit down and get my bearings. I get so overexcited and just kind of flip from one thing to another, thoughts rapid firing and kind of splatting everywhere - - which is fine because I understand myself, but when you are running a business, there needs to be legitimate, orderly file keeping. So I hired a "handler" this week. She's kind of like a wife and I pay her but she basically just has to keep me on schedule and make sure everything that I wanted to get done today gets done today.

I kind of probably needed a handler this morning for my wardrobe choice. I had on these fun black leggings. They said leggings on the package - not tights! And I had a kind of long fitted t-shirt and a flowy short sleeved willowy sweater thing on over that. Which was super cute and kind of casual fun for this photo shoot I had this morning. Everything was fine in the mirror. I left, drove the kids to school, drove David to work (cuz my stupid car is still out of commission) and then I went to go grab the coffee for the shoot. It was only in a crowded Starbucks parking lot that I realized I had a problem.

I stepped out of the car and marveled at how nice the sunshine felt. I felt it extra cozy on my butt. It's nice to have sun on your butt. Wait. Sun should not be hitting my butt. Heat can, but this was different, it felt like direct rays. So I look down at my leggings and bend my knee. Black tinted flesh. It was then that I realized that these leggings are more tights. Even though the shirt I was wearing covered my butt, when I walked, it kind of rode up. And even though you couldn't totally see my butt , if you were standing like a foot away or had a flash camera, it'd totally be there. Hey, what's going on, butt?

The photo shoot was hilarious. I don't want to give away any secrets but the resulting crack high (by crack I mean caffiene) she probably got from all the photos and posing we made her shoot with energy drinks, coffee, and 5 hour energy shots, should probably be illegal. She probably was either really productive and then crashed so hard they set up a bed for her.

It was great though and my photographer Vikki and I had fun, fun, fun!!

Then I had a meeting with my financial planner Edwin Peacock III (you should hire him) about how I need to retire with ten million dollars and how to get there. We mapped out a road map that basically included finding a diamond egg laying goose, money falling from the sky, and finding rare and valuable jewelry that reproduces by the power of 5 every hour on the hour. By we, I mean I, and he set me straight and gave me some more realistic options. So basically, I'm going to become famous and win the lottery. Wait, that didn't seem to impress him either. Geez I should have taken notes. *sigh*

I got three new clients this week so I'm very, very excited.

The fashion show last week was AMAZING!! It could not have been awesome without my posse slash glam team!

Hair and Makeup: Re Salon and Medspa. Elisabeth and Autumn. MY GO TO TEAM for GLAM.

Badgley Mischka Dress courtesy of Rent the Runway! Love you!

Jewels lent by Lotus!

GLOW by Ginger at Glow Charlotte

Sweet Repeats for styling my stepdaughter Natalie in BCBG and lending jewels and designer clutch!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

Anyway I'm super busy filling out client files and getting them ready for the week!! Got to go for now, but my butt and I thank you for tuning in!!

Love all the way to the moon!!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Crazy Busy Holy Fashion Show Batman Day

hehhh...this is totally unrelated, yet funny.

I am glad that today is here, because I've been looking forward to it since last year's Fashion's Night Out, but I'm still not awake enough yet to not want to punch morning in the face, so we'll give that a little more time and coffee and perhaps revisit that later shall we? Mmmkay.

That was a really long sentence. Good thing I'm not going to edit that because it's my blog and I don't have to edit if I dont want to.

Oh my goodness, ok so tonight's the big night, Fashion's Night Out here in Charlotte and around the world. My very good friend Effie has been working on this since immediately after last year's event, so I'm really proud to be supporting her as her friend but also as the correspondent from Charlotte STYLE Magazine.

I have so many crazy errands to run today. I realized yesterday how seriously pale I am and if I'm going to be anywhere near models or Natalie Pasquaralla, I'm going to feel very ugly if I don't get that resolved. Thank GOD for GLOW in Cotswald, talked to the owner this morning and she's getting me all fixed up shortly. I have that appointment at ten. Then I am on a mission to pick up something very necessary for tonight but top secret. No hints. It's nothing guys are jerks. Gosh.

I just read what I have written thus far and it's so completely obvious that I'm reaching really hard for something interesting to say and it's just all becoming a goofy one sided sideshow slightly more fun than a trip to the dentist. And by trip to the dentist, I mean, one without laughing gas because if laughing gas is involved, then the negotiations are off the table and this blog is a shameful, dirty little cranky monkey hiding in the corner.

Wow. Do you see what I have to struggle through in the mornings? I have the mind of a child with the to-do-list of someone kind of awesome.

So, here we go, before I go on some other crazy tangent, here's my list of stuff to get done today:

Now: get off computer, go take shower, make sure legs are shaved, NO CUTS! Damn, and underarms too, because I think I did it the other day but if I didn't that would be EMBARRASSING.
9:15 ingest as much coffee as possible, go get dressed for the day
9:45 Go get my Glow on (I hear she can spray me so I look like ten pounds thinner and with hot abs)
10:30 go find flower stop for someone's special day I just realized I forgot - beg them to please make me a big arrangement
11:00 - I dont know, Im sure something goes here
12:00 - Crap, I can't think, Oh ok let's put grocery store here.
1:00 - Re Salon and Medspa for hair and makeup
2:00 - Try to make my dress fit me, it's too big. I'm thinking an office stapler might work cuz it's like a temporary fix. That'd be great if it actually worked.
3:00 - HAHA, that's funny, I know for sure there's something here.
3:30 - pick up kids
4:00 - Retouch hair and makeup, put on sky high heels practice walking in them so that I don't fall on my face in front of a camera.
4:30 -Find out which way to pose so that when I do the red carpet pictures I look as thin and toned as possible. I'm pretty sure photoshopping my face on someone thin and toned would probably be better but just in case.
5:00 - get my girls ready, load everyone in the car
5:30 - Media time!
6-10 Party party party party party!
And CUT!

Wow, I'm already behind on the shaving legs thing. Sorry to leave you hanging here in what is probably the most confusing and sophomoric blog I've written to date, but it's all I got til I get properly caffienated. I'm surprise I can even type words, usually in the mornings I think in pictures and caveman grunts before 10.


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twitter Ain't No Damn Joke.

Gooooood morning everyone!! Welcome to the I Can't Sleep Edition of my blog! Oh wait, sorry, that's getting redundant. That's kind of how I roll around here. That's okay. I owed you a little blog love anyway, with my going out of town and all.

I was going to go out of town next week , I got an invite to a few shows at FASHION WEEK IN NEW YORK CITY!! Do you know how hard it is to score an invite? Crazy impossible hard. I was going to go with my magazine, but I just couldn't coordinate the trip with the kids' schedule so we let that one go for lack of planning and I'll cover it next year. OH WELL!! I'm ok with that though because OMG what do you WEAR to Fashion Week in NEW YORK?!

So I have a funny Twitter story.

The other night, my husband, his sister and her husband were out while the kids were being babysat and we went to this restaurant in Indianapolis. We had gotten bored at home because the Michigan football game had been called off due to weather, and we wanted to go out and watch more football. David and Todd wanted to watch the LSU game, so we headed to this new sports bar.

When we got there, ALL the channels were devoted to one game. I think it was Notre Dame except for the television we were seated directly underneath. It was the only TV playing LSU. We asked the server if we could change it and he acted like that couldn't happen.

I'm no dumb bunny. I know that a new restaurant in this day in age is probably hard core whoring themselves out on Twitter because they'd be stupid not to. It's free advertising if you know how to do it right. So I looked up their twitter handle and assessed how often they tweeted. Yep, just like I thought, they're all over it. Good.

So I tagged them and something like @detourindy: Wow, 200 TV's in here and the only one playing LSU is literally on top of us. Server can't change channel. ##disappointed ##gameday (we were pretty seriously irritated)

We were actually in Carmel, Indiana. I probably have more twitter followers than they have residents. So when I pulled that twitter stunt, it wasn't five minutes before a manager came out and was apologizing all over the place. Then he told me that the owner was at the Dame game I think and got the twitter mention to his phone where he runs it from and then got all hot and bothered and texted the manager on duty to fix the situation immediately.

HAHA!! So everyone at the table is surprised but me (hello, I did that on purpose) and then this manager is treating my twitter celebrity so seriously that he's like hey, can you say THIS on your page? That'd be awesome. So I happily @detourindy all day long and they're happy. We get the best suckup service ever, and it's all because twitter is no damn joke.

Isn't that funny? It's no damn joke. I thought about just tweeting every time I wanted a refill. But that might have bordereline been a-hole. Ok maybe not borderline. Maybe definitely.

Anyway, I'm home now and tomorrow this is my to-do list:
Submit writing to my magazine editor
Finish a press piece for Fusebox Poet (Amos' Southend, Thurs. Sept 8th, you need to go see them if you're not at the fashion show with me)
order a computer
work on website stuff
blog some more
maybe upload some videos of David dancing with our niece on the Wii Just Dance
Laugh and wait for LOL from his friends
Remove it after he gets mad and then later convinces me to retape it when he's had more practice
Oh I need to get business cards

Meh, MEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I need to go to bed. I think my Benadryl is working.

I love you love you love you all the way to the moon moon moon!Have a great day and be nice to everyone!! xx Shannon

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Special Request Videooooooo

For a fan of mine that reads everything I write like it's blog gold. Because it is. You should learn something from this.


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Where is Shannon?

I VLOGGED because I'm so busy, I couldn't type. Blah!! Anyway, enjoy!!

Love you all the way to the moon!

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