Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Crazy Busy Holy Fashion Show Batman Day

hehhh...this is totally unrelated, yet funny.

I am glad that today is here, because I've been looking forward to it since last year's Fashion's Night Out, but I'm still not awake enough yet to not want to punch morning in the face, so we'll give that a little more time and coffee and perhaps revisit that later shall we? Mmmkay.

That was a really long sentence. Good thing I'm not going to edit that because it's my blog and I don't have to edit if I dont want to.

Oh my goodness, ok so tonight's the big night, Fashion's Night Out here in Charlotte and around the world. My very good friend Effie has been working on this since immediately after last year's event, so I'm really proud to be supporting her as her friend but also as the correspondent from Charlotte STYLE Magazine.

I have so many crazy errands to run today. I realized yesterday how seriously pale I am and if I'm going to be anywhere near models or Natalie Pasquaralla, I'm going to feel very ugly if I don't get that resolved. Thank GOD for GLOW in Cotswald, talked to the owner this morning and she's getting me all fixed up shortly. I have that appointment at ten. Then I am on a mission to pick up something very necessary for tonight but top secret. No hints. It's nothing guys are jerks. Gosh.

I just read what I have written thus far and it's so completely obvious that I'm reaching really hard for something interesting to say and it's just all becoming a goofy one sided sideshow slightly more fun than a trip to the dentist. And by trip to the dentist, I mean, one without laughing gas because if laughing gas is involved, then the negotiations are off the table and this blog is a shameful, dirty little cranky monkey hiding in the corner.

Wow. Do you see what I have to struggle through in the mornings? I have the mind of a child with the to-do-list of someone kind of awesome.

So, here we go, before I go on some other crazy tangent, here's my list of stuff to get done today:

Now: get off computer, go take shower, make sure legs are shaved, NO CUTS! Damn, and underarms too, because I think I did it the other day but if I didn't that would be EMBARRASSING.
9:15 ingest as much coffee as possible, go get dressed for the day
9:45 Go get my Glow on (I hear she can spray me so I look like ten pounds thinner and with hot abs)
10:30 go find flower stop for someone's special day I just realized I forgot - beg them to please make me a big arrangement
11:00 - I dont know, Im sure something goes here
12:00 - Crap, I can't think, Oh ok let's put grocery store here.
1:00 - Re Salon and Medspa for hair and makeup
2:00 - Try to make my dress fit me, it's too big. I'm thinking an office stapler might work cuz it's like a temporary fix. That'd be great if it actually worked.
3:00 - HAHA, that's funny, I know for sure there's something here.
3:30 - pick up kids
4:00 - Retouch hair and makeup, put on sky high heels practice walking in them so that I don't fall on my face in front of a camera.
4:30 -Find out which way to pose so that when I do the red carpet pictures I look as thin and toned as possible. I'm pretty sure photoshopping my face on someone thin and toned would probably be better but just in case.
5:00 - get my girls ready, load everyone in the car
5:30 - Media time!
6-10 Party party party party party!
And CUT!

Wow, I'm already behind on the shaving legs thing. Sorry to leave you hanging here in what is probably the most confusing and sophomoric blog I've written to date, but it's all I got til I get properly caffienated. I'm surprise I can even type words, usually in the mornings I think in pictures and caveman grunts before 10.


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