Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm so excited I'm going to pop.

I'm going to preface this by telling you all that I get excited over little things. I mean, I really do. I'm so cheesy, I cost extra at the drive thru. Haha, was that funny? I thought it was. I just made that up. BAM.

For example, if someone is nice to me at a restaurant or in the service industry, especially airline, I will write a letter about how nice they were because it makes me so happy that there are nice people left. Everyone wants to complain nowadays. I mean I complain alot too but I try to be sweet.

That gets me stepped on often and I already know I'm weird so I'm aware of all that.

That being said, I have had great news this week professionally.

I know it's really hard to incorporate professional with this blog, but it's a complete seperate thing sort of.

So, I got this job contributing at this awesome really popular magazine, and my first interview went great!! It goes to print in the next issue and I get to go to a issue launch party which I have heard are very elaborate and exciting and fun. YAY!!

Also, I covered my first event for that magazine's online version and that should show up soon. My editor, the main editor told me that she needed her best writers to cover Fashion's Night Out at the Metropolitain and then she asked me. OMG best and me in the same sentence. That was so great!! Plus, the coordinator Effie is my sweet, sweetest pal and I love her so much I can't wait to do it. I'm so proud of her.

I'm proud of me too! I just got assigned to interview my favorite blogger, Brittney Cason, for a feature. She's taking over the morning spot on a local station and I think she's great. I have read her blogs for years.
I also relate to her so I'm all thrilled to do this professionally and personally. I swear that girl probably is going to think she's gonna need security because I was so excited to meet her when Breeze from the same station introduced us at Maroon 5.

Let me back it up. I cried when I saw Van Gogh's Starry Night. It inspired me. I loved that painting my whole life. When I finally "met" it I cried. I cried on the elevator ride up to the impressionist wing at the museum. I mean not like boo hoo ing but SO excited it leaked out my eyes.

I also cry at the end of every movie where the love story works out. I was inspired that love and soul mates and sweet nothings existed even though they really didn't before, so when they work out on screen , I feel excited and inspired and I finally found that in someone else and I married him. I cried SO SO hard and ran up the aisle. I could barely talk. It was horrible/awesome. I'll post a video.

I am inspired by my kids, when they dress up and look older and bigger and are going to dances. They're my stepkids. But they're my kids. They inspire me every day. I cried when Natalie went to her bat mitzvah. She looked so big and grown up!!

So, things that inspire me are dear to my heart, and Brittney Cason has made me laugh even when I was having a shitty day and a shitty personal life when nothing else seemed funny!! So yes, I'm excited in this non creepy fan way, but so thankful that she had a role in keeping that smile on my face when I went through some really hard times. I'm grateful for her and she has a career she started from blogging.

So to get this interview with this magazine with this person is a big deal to me and I am so thankful that my life is going the way I always hoped it would.

So please cross your fingers with me and hope that her management okays the interview because it's work for the magazine and it's meeting one of my favorite people.

I'm late for something now, but I just wanted to put that out there because I'm just so pleased with my life. YAY!!

Congratulations to me, moving forward, being motivated, meeting goals!!



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