Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Funnies From My Offspring.

I am not going to go brag and show you my wallet full of pictures and tell you an endearing tale of how my kid is better than all the other kids. I usually keep my kids out of this unless they do something funny. However, my son does this random stuff so often and so quickly that if you don't catch it, you'll miss it. He has no idea how awesome random humor is and isn't trying. So here is a short list of things he has said that we have found funny. Priceless quotes from Eban. Here we go.

On Birthdays:
It's my birthday and I would like a birthday wedgie please.

On Self Appreciation:
I'm so awesome I'm jealous of myself

On Tornadoes:
E: What if a tornado hit this fancy restaurant?
us: That would be bad
E: Yeah, we would have to finish our food really really fast.

Recap after watching Titanic:
Floating, floating, iceberg, BAM.

On personal safety:
(to his sister) BAILEY!! Don't go too near that water you could fall in and get the death!!!

On Shark Week:
How does that guy not know he's going to get eaten? He's on Shark Week! What a stupid.

Priceless child. We love him.


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