Friday, August 12, 2011

Today Is Probably a Wash.

Which is pretty ironic because I have to wash the laundry, wash the dishes, wash someone's mouth out with soap to my left if he makes any more butt jokes (6 year old) and wash out the inside of my car since it got torrentially raind in last night. That's right rained in. Because the window is stuck down and the shop doesn't have the part to fix it yet. And in Pleasantville where I live, since it is a historic district, there are no garages on my street. I dont even have a driveway so my window is open. Go ahead and break in, thugs.

My lack of focusing ability and a quiet place to work, however, is a very good thing for blogging purposes.

PS Do you know how much it sucks to have your window stuck down , you're in a Mercedes Benz convertible babycar which puts you about at wheel height for a semi truck. It's awesome getting blasted in the face at 75 mph with water that is being hurled backward from the wheel. I didnt have the top down, that is giving my POS car too much credit, for the convertible top jammed up a few months ago and no longer works. I can fix it for only $2000 though. No, it's just the window that's stuck down right now that's open and allowing truck water access to my face. Well, that happened this morning.

If today was on facebook, I would not click like. I would report it for inapporpriate conduct and get it deleted. I would turn it into something I could explode. And then I would tape it to warn all the other days not to mess with me. For reals.



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