Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh, What a Night...

Ok people, if you missed Maroon 5 and Train you completely missed out. Even if you don't like their music, they can put on a hell of a show.

I was T minusing this concert all last week, so when party-in-a-car showed up in front of our house I was about to detonate with joy.

David and I went with our good friends Shawn and Tami, who run, and Breezekat from the Ace n TJ show with his girlfriend Liz. As soon as we got into the car , we were enjoying cocktails and planning our next big night out. We also talked about Planking and Breezekat was kind enough to share all of his pictures of himself planking all over the KISS 95.1 office. So funny how 24hours prior I had no idea what this planking was. It's so stupid it's funny.

Anyways, I am like a child. I always have to have something to look forward to, and once my target is on lock, I have tunnel vision and 7 days out I begin T Minus. I'm such a nerd that I will count down the days until T Minus starts.

Gavin DeGraw was the opening act. I am sure I've heard his name kicked around, and probably hummed along to something on the radio, but the only time I got a glimpse of Gavin's performance was when Tami and I ran down to check out our seat location. Basically if we wanted to plank from our chair to the stage, we could. Suffice to say the seats were very, very close and I felt very cocky as we passed all the people who were unlucky enough not to be us. It's like turning left to go to your seat instead of right on an airplane. You kind of feel like a big deal. Well, I do anyway.

Speaking of planking, check this out:
Oh, yes I did. We tried to get Breezekat to do it, but girls kept asking him to take their picture and he needed to spread the word about the new Ace N TJ app. He's really committed to his cause.

So, Tami and Liz only had to egg me on a little and I decided that since I was ridiculing planking , and having already checked the "knocking" off the list, I decided to go ahead and cross out the "trying" box too.

So, there I am, planking in the VIP Lounge at the Maroon 5 show.
I must admit, it does take some core strength to stay balanced and perfectly straight. I also noted that the pictures of people actually looking at the camera weren't very funny so I had to maintain the facedown position which was also hard because I didn't want my nose to touch that germy table.

The best part of my plank attempt was that right as I climbed down from the table, the Live Nation rep I always work with was walking by. I am on the fence about whether that embarrasses me or not because he knows me professionally and personally. Professionally, I do a very good job promoting them. He also knows that I am a complete and utter goofball with no stop sign between my brain and my mouth. (or my typing fingers)

I expected him to burst out laughing, or make me delete the photo. Neither happened, he was so absorbed in his work that he didn't even notice the deadish person on the red bull table. The nerve. Ha!!!

Once he caught me lurking outside the Blue October bus like a lame groupie. He pointed and laughed like that kid on the Simpsons. I was pretty embarrassed because that was the first time he caught me acting silly in public,usually it's just my wacky status updates. He actually asked me when we got there if he was going to have to forcibly remove me from the stage because he knows I love Adam. (I behaved)

Adam was fabulous, but he kind of danced around a little girlier than I remembered from last time. I think I'm over him. Either that or my man is so manly, he makes Adam Levine look one box of hair dye and some black nail polish away from looking like that Emo kid down the street. He already has the skinny jeans. I don't think he has moves like Jaggar. And what the hell, I thought he and Christina Aguilera hated each other? Why are they singing together? That's disappointing, I love drama that doesn't involve me.

Also, bonus, Breezekat introduced me to my favorite blogger, Brittney Cason. Well, kind of. We were talking about the future of a radio station he may or may not work/have worked for and I said that I thought she was funny and the type of person I wanted to be friends with. So he grabs the blackberry and dials her up on the spot and hands me the phone. Kind of awkward, and I was already 3 drinks into the game. That's a lot for me. She was very gracious and sweet though. I hate when my kids hand me the phone randomly and say "here, talk to my friend's mom..." whom I've never met and didn't know a sleepover was planned I imagine it was kind of like that.

Honestly though, who wouldn't want to be friends with someone who found a 6 year old wandering around uptown and wanted to take care of him? There's her blog, I'm sure if you aren't already a fan, you will be.

The concert was uh-mazing. I took videos, but I always turn the camera around and point it at myself singing and it always pisses me off the next day because I just wanna watch the performer. I am a really annoying filmer, with a really bad "ME TOO!" complex. It happens every freaking time. So I'm not going to post it.

Well, my son was packing my suitcase since I promised the kids a beach trip but now he's unpacking it because he watched too much shark week and thinks we should hang out at the pool and on the sand instead. NOT in the ocean.

Oh, I almost forgot, I am going to be contributing and have assignments, (meaning more than one!) in Charlotte Style Magazine! I'm so thrilled to be able to keep doing what I love. I love my silly blog and I love writing professionally too! It's been a great week and I feel kind of awesome.

I have things to do, so I better get going, but love you fishes!!

UPDATE: Tami just posted to my facebook wall this message:
I just wanted to remind you that you ate chili in a limo last night...bahahaha

I completely forgot about that. After the show, we made the limo driver order ten cheeseburgers and I had to be the diva and get chili. With cheese and french fries to dip in it. Yep, sounds about right. I just laughed so hard I choked on the ice I was chomping on. I wonder what other dork stuff I pulled that I forgot about. Hmmm...

Oh, yeah, there was swindling a backstage pass and pretending it was mine the whole time. Pretty slick.

I bet my mom is so proud. Allright fishes, I'm really late now so talk soon, kay?

Muchos besos!

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