Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Does That Work?

Hey everyone, I am supposed to be doing something else right now and I think if I clear this question out of my head, I'll be alright.  And by "clear the question" I mean post it online and get validation that it is a valid, normal query. 

I've always wondered, how do people work in environments like Monkey Joe's deal with work when they have a really bad headache. 

I don't know if I'm normal but I get a lot of headaches.  I get so many headaches that I should buy stock in Excedrine Migraine.  When I go to London, I may or may not find buying Nurofen Plus (it has codeine in it and is sold over the counter there) as one of the highlights of the trip. I may or may not go to like 3 different Boots pharmacies in the same trip and also at the airport. 

I'm pretty sure my headaches are because of my crap eating habits and my caffiene addiction.  It could also be that I hate wearing my glasses , hate wearing my contacts, and am too chicken to get LASIK.

Whatever the cause, I get them, and I get them so bad they're debilitating.  I am so afraid of having a headache that when one even hints at starting or I eat something that I know is going to cause a headache (Pizza kicks my butt every time), I will take Excedrine Migraine as a preventative measure. 

I know that you're thinking I'm a damn drama queen right now, and to this I say "Are you new here?"

Anyway, I hate headaches.  Also, Nurofen Plus may or may not be a dream come true for monthly female related cramps.  Is that TMI?  Sorry...well not really, you're still reading.  Your fault.   Again, are you new here?

Okay, so now before my train of thought almost completey derails into something else, I have to tie it back to my original question:  How the hell do people work at Monkey Joe's when they have a headache.

...and also Perfumania.  I don't even go in there.  And also Juicy Couture. And Hollister. And all of those stores that assault your senses with loud music and their overpowering signature perfume of the month they are hawking. 

I'm pretty sure I would hate those jobs. 

Oh lordy, my son is asking for tokens now. Apparently the bounce house appeal only lasts fifteen minutes and I may or may not have squandered valuable working time.



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