Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nothing Rhymes with Wednesday.

Good morning everyone!! And how are we today?

So, yes, I changed my hair color.  I can hear my mom screaming and mourning the loss of my blonde locks all the way from here.  She hates when I do things like that.  I'm pretty impulsive about my hair. I'll wake up one day, be pissed at it and then just completely chop it off or dye it some crazy color.  It's been pretty much some interpretation of every normalish color.  By normalish, I mean that I have never dyed it pink or blue or anything like that, but I have done variations of every hair color one could be born with naturally. One time I even dyed it black.  It was EPIC fail though because here's what went wrong:

  • I'm too white for inky black hair
  • I only bought one box of dye and I have super thick long hair
  • I did it myself
  • I get bored easily
  • I get excited easily
  • As a result of the top two , I did a terrible job so it was all patchy
  • It turned kinda greenish
That was what JessicaMyCrocker (my best friend) and I referred to as "Unabomber Night" . My husband at the time had friends over and they were having beers downstairs and it was like 10pm . I called Jessica crying and she came right over and then her eyes said "WTF" while her mouth said "Oh, it's not THAT bad.".  So, we put a dark hoodie on me and covered my head and drove all over Charlotte until we could find a grocery store or pharmacy that had hair correction kits. FYI we didn't find it.  So I got drunk instead with my husband's friends (still wearing Unabomber hoodie) and the next day I got a hair appointment to correct it.  My hair was dry for like, a million years and it was another year or so before I attempted any color again.  I was traumatized and it cost like $300 to fix.

That also reminds me of the time , when I was like, maye 14 or 15, and I decided to cut my own bangs after I took a bath.  My hair was wet and I cut them so short I couldnt even blow them dry with a small round brush.  So I started to cry, and I threw myself on my bed in my bedroom. I sobbed myself to sleep because my teenage life was now over.  My mom woke me up later and then doubled over laughing because my bangs dried flat and straight up and looked even worse.  She's so supportive.   I am pretty sure that was so traumatizing that I must have blocked out how I got through that, because I do not remember how long it took to grow out or any taunting other than my jerky sweet mother. LOVE YOU MEAN IT!!

So, yeah, I've always been kind of a hair pioneer.  I usually fail but I think this time, it looked great.  I feel kind of bitcy and ferocious.  Hopefully it doesn't fade too quickly. 

Right now, my son and I are watchng Gnomeo and Juliet.  It's actually really cute.  Later, we'll go get one of the cars inspected (couldn't get in yesterday) and then go to the grocery store.  And by that I mean actually go grocery shopping. As in NOT online. I'm in the mood to feel my own melons today.'re a pervert that is not what I meant!

You know what , I'm done talking to you.  When you can stop being gross we'll talk.

Ha, ha, HA!!!

Have a super day!! Love you to the moon!!



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