Thursday, June 30, 2011

Livin' The Dream....

So, some people think it's lazy that I online grocery shop.  I beg to differ, because do you know that it takes me two hours to finish a grocery list between identifying the difference between someone laughing at a joke or laughing at someone's expense. Someone's inevitably going to come downstairs crying and I'm going to have to be a referee.  Then respective doors will slam and it will be quiet for a few more minutes.  Then one of my younger ones will knock on the door of the older one to ask if they are ok. They'll ignore them. The little ones keep knocking.  They suck at "boundaries"  So then the older ones start yelling at the younger ones.  Now the younger ones are crying.  Meanwhile, another one is playing with some kind of electronic toy repeatedly and I can't even remember why I'm addressing the kids again. Oh, yeah, that's right, can we drop it down a notch? kthx.

Anyways, now my grocery cart has timed out and I have to start over and restart my computer becaues the battery is a piece of crap and needs replacing but I don't have time to go to office depot. 

Of course, to the naked eye, it looks like Im just sitting here jacking around on my computer all day while I let the house collapse around me. 

Just a tiny glimpse of what it's like to have a blended family of all ages.  It's hard. It doesnt' suck but multitasking when you're already ADD is kind of a BWORD.

Anyway, I'll add a video in a sec for your viewing pleasure. Can you imagine bringing all this to the grocery store?  I doubt that.


Yes I know I look like crap without makeup on.  No I don't care. 

Love to the Moon.

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