Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whatcha upto, Shannon?

Oh, hi!! I'm so glad you asked.  Well, let me just tell you.  I know some of you would laugh at me and call me lazy, but I do a lot and I do everything.  I have ADHD, although I was never medicated at a young age because my mom , who was and is a teacher, felt it was overdiagnosed and that I am merely impulsive and idiotic.  Gotta love mom, she may be right, but the medication helps.  I take this awesome stuff called Vyvanse now, which is like Adderall minus the crazy.  I feel lke myself, but focused.  On Adderall, I felt high, and GREAT, but the crash was kind of, well, horrible.  So, it wasn't worth taking anymore. 

Oh, wait don't think this blog is about drugs, cuz it's totally not. Hopefully.  I mean, I don't do them. Not street drugs anyway, but I do have pharmies with legal prescriptions.  While I was planning my wedding, I took valium twice a day towards the end.  And not because I wanted to. It was because I was using my therapy stress tolerance skills so much that I was internalizing and ended up with impetigo the week before.  Not good to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a wedding you've been anticipating your whole life only to have scabs wrecking your porcelain skin therefore making said scabs immortalized in the wedding photographs for the rest of my life. I didn't just have wedding photographers.  I had freaking paparazzi.  Ask my friend Dan.  He said they chased me around like Jennifer Aniston's unborn baby.   I laughed so hard at that I literally almost peed my pants.  I had to gently set down my laptop and like, run to the potty. Because that's how funny I found it.

It was true though. 

I didn't have photographers, I did have paparazzi.  I had like twelve of them.  I'm sure I looked like a diva.  Funny thing is though, I'm the opposite of that.  It was actually a photography school, and I allowed a team of students/interns.  How often do they get the opportunity to photograph a wedding? How else would they build their portfolios?  Do you think a great sales technique is "Yeah I'll give you a good deal, this is my first wedding that I've ever shot now you just write that $1500 check to....."  I'm pretty sure most control freak brides wouldn't be down with that.

As a photographer myself (one of my many hats!) I realized this would be a great opportunity for them and me.  I know that if I have twelve photgraphers and at least an instructor, and they were all aiming the right way, we'd get at least a few good ones.   I even let them valet their cars and I also catered their dinner.  They gave me an awesome deal and I gave them opportunity to learn.  Plus, I was a student at that school and I adore them all.

See, so everyone walked away a winner and appearances aren't everything now, are they?  From Diva to Sweet Shannon in about 30 seconds.

So, right now, there is chaos going on in my house.  My beautiful husband and I have four children, two from previous marriages on each side.  They are all playing with our dog. He's a giant Rhodesian Ridgeback, but he thinks he's a freaking puppy.  He's not a puppy.  He's more like a giant horse.

He also eats socks. None of us ever have any socks because he eats then and then when he goes to Doggie Daycare he craps them out and they all have a laugh.  We try really hard to keep him out of the socks, but it's really really hard.  One time he ate a teddy bear and he needed surgery.  The vet post surgery presented the family with the teddy bear still mostly in tact.  That's pretty impressive.  So to say that we need to keep the dog away from things, would mean that he needs to be kept in a blank room.  He can't stay outside because he's been an indoor dog his whole life and is social by nature.  Anyway every now and again I'll post what Kito crapped out today.  The staff at the doggie daycare once handed me a bag with a crapped on $20 dollar bill. As if I would want that back.  I dont care how broke I am I don't play in poop. 

You guys can just keep that.

Anyway, well can't tell where this blog is going as of yet, but I may, as a treat for you, dig out some of my favorite airline stories and post them.  They're too great to just die alone, but I can't resurrect the whole blog because that's just not me anymore. 

This is Kito.  He's mentally retarded. But we love him. No really, he has a part of his brain missing, presumably, the one that controls impulses.  He eats socks, secretly, and craps them out to the amusement of his dogsitters. He has also crapped out part of a diet coke can , some dice, $20, a teddy bear, a barbie head, and a keychain.  Don't go on some kinda PETA rant because if we didnt' care about him we wouldnt put up with his nonsense.  He does this in secret and he knows how to open doors with his nose and fridge.  And don't tell me to babyproof stuff because, really, he's gonna find a way.  He would eat the TV if he could.  But he does not eat shoes.  If he did, I'd murder him. 

Love you all the way to the Moon!!!

Shannon (Or, SNN, which is the airport code for SHANNON, IRELAND!) 


At June 30, 2011 at 9:58 AM , Blogger Trina.H said...

I love you More and your blog is awesome by the way. It's not like you don't know this for yourself. but hey you heard it from me.


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