Monday, July 25, 2011

Toilet Celebrations, Overrated or Underrated?

I was wondering what I was going to write about today....and then I came across this little gold nugget of a status update:

My 25 month old went poo poo in the potty for the first time tonight! It was the highlight of my day! Lol. Proud mama right here

This person who wrote this status update was the biggest party girl in college.  If someone told me that in the future that she'd find feces the highlight of her day, or even newsworthy at all with celebratory undertones I would have not believed it.  Add to the fact that it is now broadcast to the entire world shamelessly, well now I have an awesome blog topic today.  Then , a few minutes later one of her friends posts this in response:

Al did last week too! Girl, I was so proud I took a picture of it!

Can you imagine going through the baby book with this parent?  It would probably go something like this:

Mom:  Aww little Al, look this is from your first haircut! (turning page) and here's a picture of your first booties...(turning page)  and this is your first giant booger.....(turn page) and oh, look!!

Al: Mommy is that poop?

Mom: *tear, yes sweetie.  This is the first load you dropped in the toilet. It's gorgeous....

I'm trying to approach this delicately, because I actually understand what is going on here, but I'm far enough away from toddlerhood that I can point and laugh from a safe distance.

First of all, on the first status update, she's saying she has a 25 month old.  No, you have a 2 year old.  But in order to keep them babies as long as possible, and because development changes so rapidly, new mommies always break it up into months until it gets too exhausting to count or another baby comes along.

If I was still doing that, my status update would say that my 82 month old son absentmindedly left a present in the potty, again, and my 183 month old stepdaughter screamed and ran down the stairs.  Poopies,apparently, stop being cute too.

That's why my darling friend's status update is such a double edged sword.  She's celebrating her baby's independence, but clinging to the baby stage at the same time.  I remember it too. 

I'm not gonna act like I didn't do anything weird when my kids were little.  In fact, I used to pick their noses for them when they couldn't get a big one out. Sure did. Not only that, but I'd hold it up triumphantly and show dad. Would dad gross out?  No, of course not.. he'd appreciate how large that booger was and we'd continue with our day.

I'm even guilty of having the urge to photograph poop too....when a constipated child finally did get relief and it was so big that it looked like a grown man could have made did that something so big come out of someone so small?  If husband was home, I'm sure there was some "OMG come look at this " action.

Parenting makes us do things that if we saw a video clip of our future selves while we were partying in college, we would say NO WAY. ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

I'm pretty confident in saying that if you're a mom, you've picked a booger and much worse.  It's really interesting though, I have to wonder what other weird or gross things people do for their kids that they thought they would never have the stomach for, and how much celebrating ends up on Facebook?

I'm sure that if I had Facebook or in that case, Myspace when my kids were little, I would probably be guilty of the same thing, although I don't think one of my status updates has ever involved caca and doubt it ever will.

All the Way to the Moon!!




At July 25, 2011 at 7:02 AM , Blogger Trina.H said...

That was great. I am sure I am just as guilty but pictures? Oh heck to the NO... I am grossed out with it in general the whole having to deal with poop. Photographing it is going too far in my honest opinion. yay for you for being outside looking in and laughing I hope to be there soon...someday over the rainbow.


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