Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am VERY MAD at CVS right now.

I really want to say the F word and throw something so it smashes.  Since I can't do that, I'm just going to blog about it.  It doesn't really satisfy as much as cussing and smashing things does but it will make me look less crazy.

Oh wait, let me just pause for a second and break up a fight upstairs..
..ok I'm back.  So I guess my youngest (6) is pissed at my middle (12) and he hit her because she said his shirt looks like a dress. Now they're both slammed behind doors.  I was gonna break it up but I'm happy with the outcome. 

Now back to smashing something, oh right, can't do that.

So anyways, I go to CVS armed with photo CD's and memory cards and prints to make duplicates of.  I promised to send my family wedding and honeymoon photos.  I have like a zillion files to copy.  I decided today was the day. 

First I have pictures from Queen Mary 2. They're actually prints I want to make digital.  So, I scan them but they won't scan to digital and let me buy prints first I have to buy a CD to put them on.  Well crap.  Fine.  So I ask the lady behind the counter to help me.  She is crouched behind the counter hissing at someone on her cell phone and eating bright red flaming hot cheetos. 

I make eye contact.  She turns her back to me. 

O hell no. 

Ok, fine, EXCUSE ME!

She hangs up the phone and waddles over, wiping Cheetos on her pants. 

I ask her for a CD for the photo machine.  She licks her finger and grabs one off the counter and hands it to me.  I put it in the machine - the only photo machine with a scanner on it, and I go to work.  I scan everything I have, which takes like 3 minutes each , and ten pictures, it's totally slow.

Then, I try to write to the CD, and the CD she gives me apparently isn't empty.  So I have to get her attention again, she's got a line of people , and she refuses to pay me ANY attention til she works through the line, and then grabs a few more Cheetos OUT OF HER POCKET.  OUT OF HER POCKET OMG!!! and then she looks at me like, What?

I explain the CD is empty. She says I done did it wrong probably. 

Um, no I really didn't done do it wrong , asshole.  So I said, look can I just try another one.  So she grabs another one and slides it across the counter.  I put it in there and it says it isn't empty either.  She's already "helping" someone else.

So, I decide to forget the reprints and focus on my memory cards. I spend 45 minutes sorting through images, cropping, printing, choosing sizes, etc, and I'm finally ready to print them. I hit "print" and it says ERROR no paper cannot print.

OMG.  Okay, fine, whatever.  So I wait for her to look over again and she gives me this "now what?" face. She doesn't come over though. 

EXCUSE ME.  I say.  It doesn't have paper.

And then do you know what that asshole says?  She says "Oh that machine don't work"

My blood pressure probably smacked the sun off its rotation in went so high.  I was boiling mad. 

"You can't just load paper?" I ask, trying not to lose my mind. It is very hard to speak proper english when the only words popping in your head look like this  #$#$%^$^%&&*$^&%^#%$^$%$^$**!!

But I managed to speak and I waited for her response. 

She looked at me like I was the asshole and says "It has paper, that machine don't work"

*(^*&%*&%^*&%&$^&%$^$!!!!! %^%$^#^#^#%^&^#&^$^%!!!!

"You couldn't tell me that earlier?"

She says "all you asked for was a CD"

OMG.  What the ^&^%$% does she think I'm going to do with the pictures then?  nothing?  WTF....

So, I grab my crap and start to stomp off. 

And she says "So you don't want them pictures or something?"

"Um, I thought it didn't work."

"Well you can come back and redo it"

and at that point I got so , so , so , so , so mad and I couldn't even respond. All I saw was red and this lady who speaks ghetto english, probably doesn't own a comb, and has cheetos all over her pants is looking at me like I'm a lunatic.

So, basically F you CVS in DILWORTH.  I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.  I hate stupid people, and I hate ignorant assholes even more.

I'm so mad I could punch a flower in the face.


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