Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love my fans.

So, my twitter favorite fan, Bunbury_, decided that it would be nice to post a flower after I punched it in the face (after my rant on CVS yesterday).  I love it and I want to share it all with you.
I laughed so hard I snorted Dr. Pepper, or actually I snarfed it, and it burned but it was totally worth it.  Then after that, I had the giggles all morning and it carried through to my mani-pedi appointment with Anika. You'll need to check my YouTube channel for that insanity.  It's kind of stupid, but for some reason you people seem to like that. 

Speaking of my YouTube channel, one of my most stupid videos is nearing 800 views, which I didn't even realize ANYONE had watched it because I forgot about it.  It's called GO THE F*CK TO SLEEP and it's basically me reading a really messed up bedtime story, and loving it because you politically correct parents out there will never admit you felt the same way.  I probably would have tried harder had I known it would be popular. I knew "The Butt Part" video about the waxing would take the world by storm, and I wish I hadnt removed it accidentally, but it's back up there.  I hope it doesn't go viral and end up on TV, but in a way I hope it does because I like attention...but I like it in the privacy of my house, from people who already know I'm a strange bird.  If the whole world , literally, knew then I might be worried.  I'm pretty sure I'm giving myself too much credit though.

Anyway, go look up IntlShannon on Youtube. I might link you if I feel like it but it's kinda late and I'm kinda sleepy.  You all are spoiled.  I should make you work for it.

Have a great night I'll talk to you fishes tomorrow.

ATWTTM (all the way to the moon, for my new followers)
Love and busted up flowers,


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