Monday, August 8, 2011

From "I Do" to "To Do"

Wow, so when you're done with the wedding planning, and you have the wedding, it's not really all behind you.

I have not LEGALLY changed my name yet. I mean, it really felt official when I changed it on Facebook, but apparently that's not enough.

My husband decided to put a fire under my butt by booking our next two trips under my married name, and I'm flying in about 3 weeks, so I have about two weeks and 6 days to get that done. Wait, actually minus weekends. Damn I'm worse off than I thought.

Anyways, so first I need to go to the social security office and spend all day to get the new card issued and then I need to go take that printout they give me and take that to the DMV and spend all day.

I am in love with writing my thank you notes, but I agonize over them because I want them to be personalized, so I've sent a few at a time. I refuse to do them in bulk because I don't want to be a jerk and have someone get the sloppy handwriting because I just got bored. My handwriting is sloppy enough as it is, so I do like, three at a time, and then mail them. I hear you have a year to send them before people get pissed (according to etiquitte website) but honestly, I think like three months is the limit. So, Im carefully trucking through them, trying to make sure each one doesn't look like chicken scratch OH and I got awesome new stamps with our picture on them. It's so cute. David is embarrassed to have his face basically on postal currency but I think it's awesome. I should have thrown my twitter handle on there too just to see if I get more followers. Ha, ha, ha!!! My mom won't throw away the envelopes because she feels guilty throwing my face in the trash. I'd make fun of her, but I'll tell you a secret....when I make gingerbread men, I put angry psycho faces on them and then I name them my exes and it makes it easier for me to bite their heads off. Tee hee.

Whoa there, we're off track again. Let's bring it back home.

So, there's the name changing, and the thank you notes, oh, and making phone calls to credit card companies and banks and insurance and whatever else. There's also my email address that I've had a billion years. It doesn't make sense anymore. So I guess I'll have to change that but that's a big pain in the arse too because I have too many contacts to send one by one and too many to weed through. There are enough people in there that I have either pissed off, have pissed me off, or exes that I would not like to give my current info to. So if I just send a bulk email with my new email address that I have yet to create, then all my contact list will switch over, and probably all the people that spam me too.

That's no fun.

Oh, and there's the whole passport thing too, that's an event in and of itself.

So, yeah, I'm busy as a little bee with all my normal every day stuff, and I'm terrible at administrative things, so these little details tend to compound on me. Maybe I should hire a post wedding coordinator. Do they have those?

OH CRAP I just remembered my wedding dress was cleaned a month ago and is still at the cleaners waiting to be picked up. That thing weighs 30 lbs. I hope they don't get rid of it. I guess that's the end of this blog.

CRAP!! Got a phone call to make, toodles!!


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