Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'll Make a Title Later

Good morning!! Ok so I'm just going to tell you right now that this blog is going wherever it wants to. Big shocker, right?

Do you want to hear about what I'm happy about first or what is getting on my nerves? Oh wait, you can't really I'm going to get the whining over with so that I can wrap it up with a happy note.

Apple is confusing. I think it's a pain in the ass to always have to synch my phone with my laptop because it takes forever and it also pisses me off that I can't share songs with people that live in my house because we have different itunes libraries all on our own laptops. Sure, I know about this home sharing crap but that requires a visit on my laptop to the itunes again and by the time I log into itunes that version is outdated and I gotta wait for a ten minute download which slows the computer down so much that I can't even watch goofy youtube videos to pass the time. And I can't blog either because I'd be like #$@$#@!!!!! GAH!! and it would be full of negative energy and I don't want to ruin your day.

So I got an iPad 2 for my birthday, actually I got two of them but that's another story. So I get the iPad and Im not looking forward to actually putting the content on there because everything I downloaded on my iPhone I actually download directly from the iTunes app. So to get that stuff on my iPad, I gotta transfer it from the phone to the itunes and then from the itunes to the ipad. it's like 300 songs or something and games. whatever, I'm all excited so we set it up to transfer and we get a good game of rock band going, but because I had bronchitis, my throat was painful and scratchy and I got a bad score singing so I decided to quit because if I don't get 98% or higher in expert mode, I just turn it off. Screw that. Go big or go home that's what I say. Well I actually don't say that, I'm already at home. FOCUS!

So it transfers and the iPad 2 works great but now all the songs I downloaded won't work, it just pauses for a second and then skips to a song from back in the day when I didn't know the wifi password and had to use my laptop. SO ANNOYING. And my iPad 2 will play LMFAO but will have a picture of The Arctic Monkey's album. That's not that bad but it's annoying so something is going on with itunes.

I google every question in my head. So I google the problem and I find the tech support forum. Looks like it's a common problem. Great. Wait, they're all speaking in techie. Even the ones that are having the problem are speaking techie and it's pissing me off and it's no help at all because whatever if you know everything then why are you clogging up the support forum? I need someone to speak in tech-idiot terms. There's all these abbreviations. So I finally put together the conclusion after reading all those posts that my itunes version may not have been current, so i updated the phone, updated the software and then synched the phone. Still same probem. So then, I realize oh, I have to make a playlist. F you playlist I just want my $300 iphone and my $700 iPad to work, and I'd also like my $250 iTouch to work too if that's not a big deal. Please. Why is it such a pain to keep everything working. For that much money it should just work. Screw apple. They have bad Karma though because they sent me an extra iPad and it wasn't billed on the credit card. I'm pretty sure it's going to show up though so I'm not getting all crack excited.

Now the good news......I have found an additional way to maximize my free time. PICK UP AND DROP OFF DRY CLEAN SERVICE!! TADA!!! This dude that owns the business came to my door a few weeks ago and dropped off this bag that you just leave outside at a certain time and they come pick it up. Then they drop it back off 2 days later. OMG. Now I don't have to take all husband's fancy banker attire to the dry cleaner. I mean it doesn't take that much time but whatever, probably 30 minutes, getting it together, then getting there, ordering the service, getting home, and then another 30 minutes to pick it back up, drive, and put it away.Plus there is the remembering to get the shirts done, that's the big one for me. I have the worst ADD and I don't medicate that often. And it costs like 2 dollars more. Plus, they gave me my first three cleanings free. Whatwhat?! This is awesome!! So now, I online grocery shop and they bring it to my car. I send out the dry cleaning from my doorstep, and I'm also considering sending out the laundry. You call it lazy, I call it maximizing free time. And by free time I mean free screwing around for your entertainment time. Keeping my big ol twitter going. Those thousands of people will unfollow if you don't talk to them.

I know you dont really know this but I actually profit from doing this. It's work. So now who's a jackass? People pay me to be me. Me. This me.
I love it.

I actually need more free time though because I just got on with a print magazine, comes out every month here in Charlotte, and I have to attend events and photograph and write and it has to be perfectly edited. So maximizing my time is a good idea.

I also am getting requests for more YouTube idiot videos but really? I mean I love that iphone and the ipad has a video on it, but I am theoretically a grownup and numerically also, so I really shouldn't be acting like a teenager. What do you wanna see? I've had rockband requests, karaoke bar requests (I love singing but only in my house so that last one isnt likely) and just more random crap. I only make a video when I feel inspired to. Honestly, I must not be that creative lately. Will take suggestions. Dont be perverted, keep it PG people. Oh, and then there's that "coning" thing. I really need to mature a little...wait..nahh....

Alright well ding the dryer is ready and I love folding warm clothes. I hate it when they're not warm. I think something is wrong with me. Toodles.


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