Friday, August 19, 2011

Sleep Would Be Ideal.

I am so tired, and I am still awake! and it's like 4:25 AM. This is the 5th night out of 7 that this has been going on. I have cut down severely on caffiene and I bounce between totally energetic and exhausted but my brain never slows down. It's dark and quiet and I am not even in the mood to chat or text or communicate with anyone interactively. I mean it feels good to to type this because otherwise I'm just sitting here staring at nothing. Then I spend the entire day dragging. It's crazy. I did take a Trazodone last night and it did knock me out but I had a vivid, long, weird dream and it was so vivid it made me feel mentally worn out when I woke up.

Also there are the migraines that are coming along with the caffiene withdrawal. I have to take excedrine migraine to cure them it's the only thing that works and then WHAM I'm better again for a while until my body wears out and my brain still ticking away. Wondering what I have to do tomorrow, and at what time? My stupid car is still messed up. Do the kids have everything they need for when school starts? When does choir start? Did we get our plane tickets for New York yet? I wonder what I will write about next in the magazine, I wonder if I will be successful, I wonder if blah blah blah blah blah omg BLAH for reals. I just need it to pause. If I just go back to my normal caffiene intake I'd be fine. Everything got out of whack when I cut down and the headaches started. One cup of coffee rather than two pots. One Dr Pepper rather than three. And only one dose of Excedrine Migrain for the headache because it also has caffiene.
Had a pretty scary medical issue this past weekend and one of the neurologists and cardiologists common reccomendations was CUT DOWN ON THE CAFFIENE!!

Anyway, I think I will try a bubble bath with lavendar and some sleepytime tea. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll just surrender and watch pay per view. Good thing it's Friday.


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