Thursday, August 18, 2011

My First Article for the Magazine!!

The hills are alive with the sound of meeeeeeee being happy..lalala

Ok, so here's where the blog and my professional stuff clash because I just can't keep this to myself. So readers, please realize that this is my personal blog. My goofball behavior is a nice little release, and the opinions expressed are mine and not this magazine's. I'm a lady on the street and a freak in the bed. And by lady I mean magazine and by bed I mean blog. So hopefully my mom didn't just faint after that comment. I couldn't resist. I didn't really mean that. That's just silly. Look, I don't really edit this blog for grammar and all that crap. I agonize over these features I do for and also for this magazine. This is just me time. And I appreciate your sharing it with me.

So click this link, my loves,at the bottom and read my very first work. Guess what's next? Guess again! Nope not yet. Ok I'll tell you. You were getting warmer though. Next, the print edition comes out and I will have a different feature in there with a lovely interview with an awesome lady. Wanna know what happens before each print issue is launched? A launch party. And this magazine has a reputation for fancy, awesome,holy-crap-you-really-made-it type shindigs. And I can't wait for my debut party. Because guess what. I have always wanted to write for a magazine. A fashion magazine. And talk about shoes. And have creative control over what I write. CHECK!!! CHECK IT OFF MY BUCKET LIST!!

Guess what's next on the list. A book. I already finished one and had a deal with a publisher, but the company bankrupted and that's ok because I dont want to publish that book anymore. It's from when I was sad. Rear view. I wanna do something new and exciting.

I also wanted to have my own business. Guess what? I own three of them now all under one umbrella called Shannon Dawn, LLC.

Other things I have checked off the list:
Modeling, Photography school, real estate school, real estate commission check of $15,000 or higher on a single sale (once, Palisades, Mediterranean with basement and optional attic),own Louboutin shoes, write a sitcom pilot,send it to a network,be on the radio, be a reporter, be in a magazine, meet Justin Furstenfeld, see Starry Night, have a fairy tale wedding, dance with my dad.

Things still left to do:
Kiss someone I love under the Eiffel Tower
Go to Greece
Publish a book
Go to the MET Costume Gala
Buy my husband a fancy car
Pay for my kids college in advance
Take my mom on the Queen Mary 2
Take my mom to the Tower of London,
Complete Invisalign/Braces treatment and this time wear my retainers at night
Get interviewed on TV for something I accomplished
Take flying lessons
Paint a picture that hangs in a gallery
Take a hot air balloon ride

I'm sure there's more, I'll keep editing when I think of them

without further adieu, here is my first official work for this magazine.

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