Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twitter Ain't No Damn Joke.

Gooooood morning everyone!! Welcome to the I Can't Sleep Edition of my blog! Oh wait, sorry, that's getting redundant. That's kind of how I roll around here. That's okay. I owed you a little blog love anyway, with my going out of town and all.

I was going to go out of town next week , I got an invite to a few shows at FASHION WEEK IN NEW YORK CITY!! Do you know how hard it is to score an invite? Crazy impossible hard. I was going to go with my magazine, but I just couldn't coordinate the trip with the kids' schedule so we let that one go for lack of planning and I'll cover it next year. OH WELL!! I'm ok with that though because OMG what do you WEAR to Fashion Week in NEW YORK?!

So I have a funny Twitter story.

The other night, my husband, his sister and her husband were out while the kids were being babysat and we went to this restaurant in Indianapolis. We had gotten bored at home because the Michigan football game had been called off due to weather, and we wanted to go out and watch more football. David and Todd wanted to watch the LSU game, so we headed to this new sports bar.

When we got there, ALL the channels were devoted to one game. I think it was Notre Dame except for the television we were seated directly underneath. It was the only TV playing LSU. We asked the server if we could change it and he acted like that couldn't happen.

I'm no dumb bunny. I know that a new restaurant in this day in age is probably hard core whoring themselves out on Twitter because they'd be stupid not to. It's free advertising if you know how to do it right. So I looked up their twitter handle and assessed how often they tweeted. Yep, just like I thought, they're all over it. Good.

So I tagged them and something like @detourindy: Wow, 200 TV's in here and the only one playing LSU is literally on top of us. Server can't change channel. ##disappointed ##gameday (we were pretty seriously irritated)

We were actually in Carmel, Indiana. I probably have more twitter followers than they have residents. So when I pulled that twitter stunt, it wasn't five minutes before a manager came out and was apologizing all over the place. Then he told me that the owner was at the Dame game I think and got the twitter mention to his phone where he runs it from and then got all hot and bothered and texted the manager on duty to fix the situation immediately.

HAHA!! So everyone at the table is surprised but me (hello, I did that on purpose) and then this manager is treating my twitter celebrity so seriously that he's like hey, can you say THIS on your page? That'd be awesome. So I happily @detourindy all day long and they're happy. We get the best suckup service ever, and it's all because twitter is no damn joke.

Isn't that funny? It's no damn joke. I thought about just tweeting every time I wanted a refill. But that might have bordereline been a-hole. Ok maybe not borderline. Maybe definitely.

Anyway, I'm home now and tomorrow this is my to-do list:
Submit writing to my magazine editor
Finish a press piece for Fusebox Poet (Amos' Southend, Thurs. Sept 8th, you need to go see them if you're not at the fashion show with me)
order a computer
work on website stuff
blog some more
maybe upload some videos of David dancing with our niece on the Wii Just Dance
Laugh and wait for LOL from his friends
Remove it after he gets mad and then later convinces me to retape it when he's had more practice
Oh I need to get business cards

Meh, MEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I need to go to bed. I think my Benadryl is working.

I love you love you love you all the way to the moon moon moon!Have a great day and be nice to everyone!! xx Shannon

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