Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, Aren't You a Concerned Bunch?

Well HI! I have had an attitude check and I am feeling much better. Actually remember when I was timing out my little rants that happened like right before my aunt flo came to visit because I swear I have PMDD? Well that actually was my irrational meltdown day, because the next day, guess what!!! SO , even though you're sitting here going, GROSS SHANNON, AGAIN??? I am giving PMDD another point which means I am not crazy, it just means that I have some kind of imbalance and it's not totally my fault. Although I would like to applaud myself because my self control during my little "episodes" is getting a lot better and my rant happened in digital form and no one physically near me got hurt or anything thrown at them and it didn't end with me in a room for 15 minutes bawling and my husband offering wine or chocolate or anything to make it stop.

See? That's improvement!! If you're a new reader, you're going to need to back it up a little and read for some history instead of writing me off as crazy. I mean, I don't know you anyway, so think what you want, and I moderate my comments, so I'm kind of in charge here. YEAH!!
Anyways, my blog is nice and organized and all my crazy blogs are tagged rants, or PMDD, or whatever, so it'll be fun.

Wait give me one more second before I describe what happened this weekend. It's not that funny, but I decided to tell it like it was. I mean it was but...whatever here we go again. So last week, that rant, basically was aimed at a person who wrote me an email from their professional buisness email and then spelled all kinds of crap wrong, calling me unprofessional for not approving my press piece and opinion through them without publishing (uh, what?) in said email , and I completely word-assassinated them and then ended it with "thanks for the delicious cupcake" which was the only thing I liked about the killjoy of an event they attempted. Then I wrote a blog about how stupid they were (leaving out names) and how frustrated I was, and then I deleted it and wrote that I needed an attitude check. So there's that story. Oh, by the way, this really super professional person is claiming they can blacklist me from the industry. Really? You go on ahead with your 17 followers and misspelled emails to the press. That's cute. Because I actually did write a positive press piece because I felt so bad that their abortion of an event was such a joke I actually thought I could be helpful. Wellllll, I pulled that piece from publication so fast I'm pretty sure my laptop spun. I hate you. Don't make me mad, I'm really sweet, honest I am, but I will destroy you digitally if you are an ignorant idiot. It really takes a lot to piss me off. Just don't. Especially at the end of the month, then you're double screwed.

So, that is the recap for the flood of inbox "WTF" I got and the texts regarding why I need an attitude check and please repost the blog. I'm not reposting it, there's your recap, and I'm pretty sure even though I had a right to be angry, I should not have posted a blog so quickly before I calmed down. Thank you for your concern.

Well screw it, this whole blog was donated to that dumb event again when I really wanted to tell you my People of Walmart story. Dammit. Ok that's gonna have to be another blog.

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