Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Not Talking About Headaches or Insomnia

Last night, I went to this fashion thingie at that Ritz Carlton place that's kind of fancy. I'm not deleting this sentence, it's staying the stupid way it is. That's how my brain works right now, it hurts, and I'm blogging because I have to. I'm sorry. I'm putting out because it's my job no more no less, you people just take and take and take. Haha.

Anyways, so here's my professional take on it...(read the article on charlottestylemag.com) that's where professional shannon lives.

That's right. Delicious chocolate mannequin. I wonder who got to eat it? I didn't stay long enough.

Guess what, I got sleep last night. I took two Valium and a glass of wine. I feel like a dirty person telling you that but it's prescribed, so don't judge. No dreams...just fabulous, fluffly, sleep. That was until I had to get up and go to the bathroom. AT 2AM. AND STAYED AWAKE.

I hate you.

So, in order not to bitch and moan about that I'm going to tell you what I started today for dinner later tonight. I don't have a recipe, I just kind of made it up. I decided I wanted italian sausage meatballs over angel hair pasta. I made it all from scratch. Except the pasta, are you crazy?

So anyways, I got the ground sausage from the butcher, fresh, and I put it in my kitchen aid and dropped a few drops of red wine in with it, some mozzerella cheeese, minced garlic, salt, and pepper, and set it on mix. After the concoction got all stuck together, I rolled it into little balls. I actually touched the meat too which is an accomplishment because I hate touching raw meat. It's more like, I hate touching raw chicken so I guess that really isn't relevant at all is it? No, it really isn't.

So then I sprayed the pan with light extra virgin olive oil and sprayed each meatball and then I browned each side. Well those little bastards kept getting stuck and falling apart so I dumped some red wine in there with it, like a little tiny bit just to cover the bottom, brought that to a boil and then rolled them around til they were brown on all sides. Then I dropped them into the crockpot. In another pan, I lightly tossed chopped onions with EVOO and browned those, then poured two tablespoons of the cooking wine in with that. It sizzled and made a fabulous noise. I love that, it makes me feel like a stove ninja. It smelled good too. So then I dumped that into the crockpot with a giant can of tomato sauce, some stewed tomatoes, garlic salt, salt, pepper, basil leaves and some parmesan cheese and potato buds to hold it all together and keep it saucy instead of watery. Holy crap the whole house smells delicious.

Later , I'll boil the angel hair and we'll have the best pasta ever.

And that is my blog today.

Yummy yum yum.

My head hurts, I'm going to go snort Goody's Powder in an effort to get relief. Not really, but would that work? Has anyone done it? Neurologist tomorrow. Bah.

I don't feel like adding a picture on here either use your damn imagination.

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At September 20, 2011 at 7:27 PM , Blogger Tres said...

I bake my meatballs on a cookie sheet before tossing them in the sauce.


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