Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where's This Going?

Death of a Louboutin....How One Shoe Found its Sad Ending and the Murder Mystery that Could Have Been DISCLAIMER!! this web publishing thing is pissing me off because this looks all like one big stupid run on but becase a) I dont have the effing time to eff with this anymore I'm allowing it and b) well that's kind of how i roll anyway, don't get all comment shitty about proper spacing because I'm too pretty to learn HTML coding. Or go to prison. Which would be pretty much the same. Well, here's a little update for you new followers or some that haven't been following this blog for a while. Oh wait, good news!! I haven't been blogging as much because I am so busy! You little winner, you! I'm going to leave this blog open ended because I'm doing a Comedy Zone show tomorrow night 5/31 at 8pm and i'm going to tell this story. If I were a magazine, it would be the TMI kind and the cover would go something like this: TOP WAYS TO HIDE MONEY/PURCHASES FROM SPOUSE FOR NO REASON SLEEP SHOPPING - IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU!! YOUR HUSBAND PAID RETAIL?? (you may want to sit down) YOUR DOG SHAT WHAT? Tales of Canine Random Object Consumption and how it can be used for goods and services! PLASTIC SURGERY FOR YOUR NEXT VACATION - Blissfuly spend several days/weeks blissfully unaware of the mutiny in your household (or at least pretend to!) Drama in Real Life: Are YOUR Painters in conspiracy with your shrink? Fun ways a simple service can scar you for life!! This blog is threefold and I'm shamelessly admitting it... 1) Yes, I'll update my blog soon - CHECK 2) You should definitely come to the Comedy Zone at the NC Music Factory 5/31 8pm mention this blog and they'll let you in free. I shit you not. Call now. 3) My longwinded tale will make more sense if you have some key points to follow in case my ADHD takes me somewhere else. I will also be using it as a field guide in case your laser gaze and pressure to be amused makes me forget what I want to say. If you're new here, join the party at @shannondrauch or visit my website at If you're wondering who the hell I am, and why I'm relevant, well it's because if Twitter had nuts mine would be huge and I've cleverly commercialized my twitter batmannery into something that pays for my shoe addiction and my propensity for attention whoring.


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