Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Public Service Announcement of the Day

Allright you guys. This blog has been coming for a while. Especially since my following has started growing by numbers I can't hit "follow up" fast enough (which is VERY COOL) and I get so many messages asking me the same thing that I think it would be a good use of my time to go ahead and post here and let you newbies refer to it when trying to figure out what in the hell a "Shannondrauch" is.

I probably have your dream job. I get told that a lot. Mostly because in a nutshell, I don't have to get dressed, I get up when I want, I do whatever I want, and I literally mess around on social media ALL day. I get paid for it. Really well.

Not the craigslist work from home kind of get paid scheme, but I have built a legitimate business out of what started out as nothing more than my random ADHD blips that a few people LOL'd at.

I started with my Twitter and I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't even know anyone was watching me and I'd just tweet whatever I wanted. Did my dog just #fart and I can't believe we're still conscious? I'll tweet that. I don't care. And you'll retweet it because you didnt want to tweet that yourself and coming from me , you get the credit for spotting that little comedic gold nugget, but you're safe from judgement because ultimately, I said it. Your clever friends/followers will follow me because they thought it was funny too, and even though I didn't post any more tweets about #dogfarting that day, I probably went off the appropriate chart somewhere else.

I started writing for examiner.com. I have awesome writing skills and an expensive camera and I know what to do with them. I am a ninja on facebook. I will "like" that picture you posted faster than you can make sure it actually posted. I keep this blog. I have a pretty big digital reach and it all started by screwing around on Twitter. I'm relatable.

I "check in" places . I will go to a restaurant and sit down and when my food comes, I will tweet "OMG this #enchilada at @randommexicanrestaurant is SO GOOD! I'm so happy I came here" and nine times out of ten, management will walk right over to the table. I have gotten free #drpepper from @drpepper and then McDonald's figured out I liked #coffee so they send me free #McCafe's all the time. Do you see where I am going with this? To make a difference online you have to reach out to people. They will reach back.

I get businesses that ask me how I grew my following. I follow everyone back, I thank each one. I don't ask for things. I don't send you shit that says you won a free iPad if you click here because I'm not ignorant enough to click on that link that said "someone said something bad about me in their blog".

Do I get to sit in my pajamas all day and twitter? Yes, but because I have been hired by people to help with theirs, I am growing and responding and monitoring and managing over 30 twitter accounts. I have politicians, musicians, celebrities, small businesses, large businesses, and media outlets paying me to make sure they're digitally kosher. I just signed onto a deal with an entertainment company in Nashville that is probably going to buy me a brand new mercedes before I turn 35. (I'm sick of my old one so that's my goal.)

Am I being a braggy asshole? Yes, probably if you are an ignorant hater. Listen to me. Anyone can do what I'm doing. I just caught onto something really quick and ran with it.

So while you're wondering how I'm tweeting curse words about how my dog just ate an army tank how I possibly am making money doing this and why I'm relevant at all, just know that my secret is not a secret. Embrace who you are, or what the passion is behind your business and then let it show through in your digital correspondence. My profession isn't "being professional" on my twitter. It's me. Being me.

I have a few haters, and that's fine because they stalk this blog more than my fans do. It's very simple, hate me or not, you are still clicking this and driving up my internet traffic, ultimately helping me get closer to my new car. #beepbeepbaby :)

Love you all the way to the moon!



At February 7, 2012 at 9:55 AM , Anonymous amanda said...

Thank you for this blog!


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