Friday, December 30, 2011

Q and A Time!

I almost forgot I promised to post this for Janelle, one of my readers all the way out in South Africa!! Big fat shoutouts to Marie LaVance and Sarah Rosher because we used to do those surveys ALL the time on MySpace!! I thought it was appropriate because as the blog hits increase, for some reason, (thank you!) I find myself reintroducing myself to people who are wondering who the hell the person is behind all of this tomfoolery.

Things That Make Shannon Tick and Fun Facts:

I love shoes A LOT. A lot a lot. I don't like paying full price for them, especially since I have expensive shoe taste. The prettiest ones hurt like hell. I am sure I am going to have to answer in heaven for my reckless stewardship of the money I make on expensive shoes. It's kind of a problem.

I do believe I am going to Heaven. It takes more faith to be an athiest than it does to believe that all of these things in this beautiful life just kinda happened. I talk to God when I drive. Sometimes I yell in the car when I'm mad at him. I am not religious, but I do feel like I have angels who look out for me who answer to a higher power. I don't judge others' religions, I'm just glad you have something.

I am fascinated with midgets
. Not in a sexual way. I am stopping right there because it just is what it is. I would never be mean to a little person. I just want to dress him/her up and dance with them. And possibly put him/her in a sea turtle costume and hug them. I feel guilty about this, but it comes from a good place.

I adore sea turtles.
I love them, so much, they make me want to cry they are so cute. I want to save them. I held a baby hatchling and told it I loved it. They let me name it Mermaid before they set him free back into the ocean. He/She was so cute, a tiny little hawksbill. Turtles are so special and magical. I just love them. I have a sea turtle stuffed animal that sleeps on our bed. Her name is Tortuga. I hold her when David is out of town. Fact.

I believe in soul mates.

I want to embrace my inner child as long as possible Because life is so short, really, it is. I love to pursue things that make my have butterflies in my stomach. Never let the butterflies die. Too many people spend their youth chasing success and money, and then when they achieve it, their health declines. I want to live in the present. NOW. I try not to care how I am percieved by others. It's tough, but necessary.

I get my feelings hurt easily and I need to work on developing a thicker skin because I get angry, angry, angry when people are just complete jerks, so angry that sometimes I don't even see the jerk I am being right back. It is so hard to turn that other cheek, especially if I am convinced I am blameless and right. I often always think I am right though, so I try to remind myself of that and then just drop it and fight all temptation to be a sass mouth. I try very hard not to gossip, only to vent to close friends.

I am always cold EVEN in the summer!! Sweatshirts year round. I hate being cold!

I will laugh at your joke

...even if I don't get it, which will be obvious, then you'll call me out and I'll laugh at myself more for laughing.

When I get the giggles I can't stop. It's really hard.

I have the worst insomnia which makes it suck to be mad at someone because usually that's when I lose my patience and write "piece of mind" emails. I am usually sorry for them later.

I have tiny feet
I can wear kid's size four shoes, which makes finding my sky high heels challenging because they are usually special order and therefore not on sale. I have really stupid toenails, my pinky toenail is smaller than the tip of the nail brush. It's so embarrassing to get pedicures.

Past huge celebrity crushes:
David Bowie in Labyrinth (first crush ever)
Joe McIntyre NKOTB
Jax from General Hospital
Ryan Gosling
Adam Levine, til he danced too girly for me at his last show. I still think he's pretty, but my crush is at bay.

I hate romantic comedies, but I love the movie Serendipity

I think Disney is to blame for the divore rate. We are brought up as little girls to think that we will be rescued by a prince, that everything works out happy, and you will not get your heart broken. True love conquers all.

I think my husband is to blame for showing me that I should probably stop being so mean to Disney, after all, I am now the Queen in my own fairy tale life, due to a certain prince courting me.

I love coffee. Chocolate. Laughing.

That's about all, I mean, not really, but I have something else I need to do. Thanks for hanging out here a little longer and have a great new year!!

Do something sweet and unexpected.

Love you all the way to the moon!

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At January 4, 2012 at 4:40 PM , Blogger Our Mom Spot said...


Very quirky LOL!

At January 9, 2012 at 12:15 AM , Blogger Glen Bradley said...

You sound fun! I'd follow this blog if there was a follow button. Instead I'll have to bookmark it and keep an eye out when I remember to.

At January 9, 2012 at 6:21 AM , Blogger Patrick - Custom Coatings Inc said...

I think you sound like my wife and I will be paying more attention to your posts. My wife like to give me a hard time, but on one of our first letters to each other I started rambling about sea turtles... I thought I was being funny and cute - but when you read it now I was being odd and probably a little creepy.... Anyway! Good blog and best of luck to you! My wife started a blog like yours and lost interest - but I think you will find her humor funny like your own.


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