Monday, December 5, 2011

Well played, Karma. Well played...

I don't really have much to add except this small funny story about Karma being a b*** hence the title, which I learned today.

Apparently,the Albuquerque area, where I'm from, got a record setting amount of snow today and everyone's facebook status updates are like SNOW SNOW BAAAHH!!! So I smartassedly changed my status to "Enjoy all that damn snow, New Mexico, I am currently trying to decide which bikini goes with what sarong #carribeanholiday HA HA" or something to that effect. Have fun shoveling yourself out of your driveway.

Then, I immediately tripped on my laptop cord, jostling loose the input part in the computer, causing my nails I just painted to smear all over my clothes, toe is bleeding, and I just realized the new swimsuit bottom I bought is too small and makes my ass look like a sack of mashed potatoes in the mirror. Why didn't it look like that in the fitting room???? FAIL.

So there you go. Karma bitchslapped me for making fun of all you snow angels.

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