Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best Day Ever!!!!!

Richard Simmons Hopes YOUR day was SUPER DUPER fancy too, with sparkles!!!

So, today, had a really productive day businesswise, got a few new clients ba-da-boom, and signed up for work on another amazing charity event. I'm so excited to be so involved, it makes me feel great to have things and causes. It takes all the ugly out of the world.

Tomorrow's my big night!! We have an AMAZING turnout expected!!!!

Then Thanksgiving, and then turkey and then football!! I love football and watching safe destruction. I also love hockey. It's kind of funny when they fight, don't you guys think????

Anyway, sweet hubs is home and I need to enjoy the family dinner! Got the sweetest package in the mail from a friend. I better consult the Big Guy first before I send her one back. You know , to show how much I appreciated it. I'm thinking something that will really knock her out. I mean, there's no expense spared for class like that. Aww... I love you :) You sweet silly girly girl!!

Love you guys!!!


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