Sunday, November 20, 2011

So, it's happy dance time.

Allright my jackass parade of a twitter feed and my sparkling personality (?) have earned me not just hosting privileges but I am now going to be doing an actual stand-up set instead of just bringing out the acts.

This could really go either way. I am nervous/excited!! I don't really care if I get booed or anything because there will be strategically placed thugs in the audience to prevent that. Just kidding. Not Really. Ok Really. Or DID I? Muuhahhahaa

Anyways, now I'm writing my material because this is never something I thought I'd do , like FOR REALS...I always admire people's ability to do that, but I never saw myself doing it on an actual stage. I had no problem making myself a sideshow at school or work, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

It is the night before Thanksgiving, so my guest list allotment is pretty hefty. PLEASE contact me at if you would like to bring a date, family or friends. It's an all ages show (although I'd still keep them at least 18) and I need to know by Wed morning.

You'll go to 900 Seabord St. and enter through the Saloon , preferably around 730pm. Check in and you'll be guided down to will-call where your tickets will await. I will be on site so if you encounter any problems getting in, please ask for Mike the manager and he will track me down.

DS Sanders is hilarious.

This is such a neat little venue and I'm always proud to be affiliated with the NC Music Factory , as we've been working together for awhile now!!!

My formal website is if you want to see what professional Shannon is up to, but other than that, please come support me Wednesday, if not, I am in talks for a more regular relationship with the Comedy Zone.

Please email me right away so I can hold your table. Love and snuggles and probably a shot or two. BAM!!!

There is also a huuuuge party going on at the Saloon that will be in full swing after the show so feel free to knock a few back afterward before we have to all give thanks and be nice to each other tomorrow!!!

Love you ALL the way to the moon!!

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