Friday, November 18, 2011

My Top Whatever Number I Come Up With You Tube Must See Vids

I made this list for my friend Mimi. That is not her real name, but we are going to call her that for confidentiality. For Mimi has not seen some of the best YouTube videos ever created. I am sure I missed some, but feel free to add your favorite in the comments section but be warned, don't be all weird because I won't publish it and I'll mock you later.

1) Anything by Jenna Marbles. But here are my favorites. I wouldn't watch her at work because she says the F word ALOT.

"What Caffiene Does" This is my favorite of all time. Ever.

2) Kelly: SHOES . It's great. I just watched it again.

3) The Crazy NastyAss Honeybadger. Oh, trust me. Trusttt me.

4)Drunken Lady Ruins Wedding Oh, let's use this tent support as a stripper pole, oh no!! AAAHH!!

5) The effing creepiest weird kid I have ever seen, lip synching to Katy Perry. I laughed so hard.

And also the one that Code Name "Rainbow" just added on Twitter. She's cuddling with the kids now so can't add to this. There you go Mimi. That should get you started. And anything on my youtube channel. Which is intlshannon. hahaha.

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