Monday, November 14, 2011

Superficial Wounds Heal Fast, but Some Still Bleed

This response is to an anyonymous commenter who left one of the meanest comments I have EVER read - and it was unprovoked - but I know who it was, and I also have recieved rambling incoherent emails from same person, unprovoked. I realize this may be TMI for a blog, but this is my blog. Mine. Are you a business looking to hire me? Well if a REAL person with REAL feelings and the need to express them turns you off, then just keep looking. We're not a match. I need this blog.


Writing hateful things from a hateful place can't possibly make you feel better. To the person responsible for the comment nobody but me saw, I hope that it made you feel better.

To drink from that kind of poison may give you instant gratification, but if you have a concience at all, you will have to continue to drink from that up to numb out that voice that resonates in your head or heart that tells you that what you are doing is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Your emails have surprised me, hurt me, and made me realize that what you are dealing with is possibly alcoholism due to the slurring and the misspelled words and the unprovoked rants.

But I forgive you. I thought you were funny and vibrant and I hope that you choose to let that shine through more than your dark side. We all have them, I am no better than the next person.

Just please, please, let me have my blog. Let me write. Let me be happy and try to make others happy. A few people have figured out that my soft heart gets damaged easily, but it's because it's always extended.

I choose to leave my heart on my sleeve anyway. I hope you don't take shots at it , but if you do, I guess that's on you.

I'm not perfect. I'm real, I mess up, I blog about it, I cry every time I watch the little mermaid, and I always pick up heads up pennies, and that heart of mine always bleeds a little when shots get taken. I guess it goes with the territory. That doesn't mean it's fun.

I do forgive you, and I forgive everyone who has and will treat me in a hateful way. I realize this happens to everyone in life, but it doesn't make it right. Hurting is just such a bummer. But at least you got the satisfaction of knowing you hurt me right? Does that make you one of these?



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