Sunday, November 6, 2011

Who IS this kid?

Okay, so I haven't been blogging as much because my business has kind of gone bigger than I thought, which is great, but it's also cutting down on my ME time, and I've also gained a few thousand new twitter followers since I blogged regularly, so I thought I would answer a few questions that I get asked repeatedly along with some random details so you can know me a little better. This isn't one of those survey things you forward, so don't do it because I'm pretty sure copying anything I do would bring you bad luck. Just because I do pretty weird and unpredictable things.

1) Who the hell is this Shannon person?
I'm a regular person, I'm not a celebrity anywhere but in my own head. I have no idea really why I got such a huge Twitter following other than people like to gawk at weirdos from a safe distance. I'm also super friendly, so that could be it too.

2) So what is your buisness then? Why are you always backstage at concerts and emceeing things?
I'm backstage at concerts because some of my clients need me there. Which brings me into the other question in this question - What IS my business exactly? I help build buzz for my clients, I teach them how to use social media, and I also help them build their followings and manage them. Some of my clients are celebrities who are too busy to manage their own accounts - and I do that for them, but only after I get to know them a little bit so I can respond to tweets appropriately. I also tweet for businesses and individuals. How did I start this? It kind of fell in my lap. I also have a ticket supplier as a client, so that helped with the access to things prior to having famous cients. I emcee things because people started noticing my wacky personality on Twitter and asked me to host their event with my crazy wacky personality. I did a good job and I got more invitations after that.

3.) Why are you always making random videos on YouTube? Because I probably have some unhealthy need for attention that stems from something at some point. I think I am funny. I watch my own videos and laugh. Other people like it too, which makes me feel good that I made someone else laugh...and I get a lot of criticism too but it's always from anonymous people, so I don't really care about those ones. I also get compared to Jenna Marbles sometimes and I think that's great because she's really funny - - although I wish she would cuss less, I am a fan.

4) Are you hiring anyone? This would be a perfect job for me. Yes, jacking around online all day and running loose at concerts is pretty fun, but I'm pretty sure all those dreadful years in International Departures at US Airways was torture enough and I deserve an awesome job. Plus I came up with it myself. All I can tell you is, I came up with this out of nothing and there is nothing stopping you from doing the same thing yourself . Make your own connections without being a clingon. It's an art that can't be taught. I'm not hiring, I'm still figuring out what I'm doing. Thank you for your interest.

Things I love:
Dr. Pepper. Chocolate. Dresses. Shoes.Jackets of all colors that look kind of like dresses. Live Music. Shiny things. Midgets are so cute and I realize they are people but I am fascinated with them. Movies. Comedy. Fashion. Books.

Things I do not love:
SPIDERS. waiting in long lines. Black Friday. Being late. Being lost. Pepsi. Rude people. Mean people. Headaches. Fake people. Being cold and wet at the same time. 3D movies (I get so overstimulated). Massages (I think they hurt) , The peopel in the middle of the mall that try to grab you and put lotion on you

Ok! There you go, I hope that clears it all up for you, but if not , ask some more. Love and snuggles and all that other crazy stuff.

I'm really excited this week because Tuesday is Foo Fighters and Friday is the Black and White Gala for the Mint Museum! Big week!! Blog ya later kiddos. !!




At November 7, 2011 at 2:09 PM , Anonymous Melissa said...

Hey Shannon, I'm a lurker. I think we pretty much hate all of the same things. Except for Pepsi. I kind of like diet Pepsi. Sounds like you love your job. I don't love mine but at least I have one! The little things.



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