Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waiting on Other People TOO Long Makes My Face Go :(

So I'm sitting here waiting for our new breakfast table to be delivered. The furniture people called yesterday and said it'd be between 2-5.

I can't stand that. When I make a Dr. appointment, do I tell them that I'm going to show up between 2 and 5? No, I show up when I freaking say I'm going to or I get bypassed AND charged! Double SUCK!!

If I decide to fly, does the plane wait on me to get there between 2 and 5? No, in fact, your ass better be in that seat with your crap stashed and your seat upright and tray table locked ten minutes before departure time or your plane leaves. And if you make it on the plane, everyone stares at you like you're an A-Hole because you're stashing your crap in a hurry and even though you're in 5C, the only available overhead space is in row 32 and even then you're banging it in. Here are the people you have pissed off so far due to your tardiness (even if it's not your fault)
The Gate Agent who just took your seat away and was about to assign it to someone else
The standby passenger who feels like you robbed them (even though it was your seat) and the 32 other passengers who are on standby as well who don't care that they have no prayer of getting on this flight, it's fun to focus your anger and the Gate Agent is full of prozac and valium. Yelling at her won't matter. Dont ask me how I know.

So then you GET ON the plane, and the flight attendant is glaring at you because you should have been there on time and she doesn't get paid til the door shuts. She knows there's no where to put your bag, but she'll let you go jack around in row 32 because there might be room for one of your mittens there. When you can't smash your bag into the overhead,everyone on the plane is rolling their eyes and now you have pissed off the ramp guy who already shut the plane, he got done all early because he worked efficiently and now you , have cut into his union mandated break time.
Don't you dare voice that opinion though because now the Gate Agent is about to get written up if she doesn't put you on the plane and shut that door it's on her, and if you cop and attitude the flight attendant will remove you and it's too late to put another standby passenger on so if you get upset and the flight attendant feels threatened, is on the rag, or just feels mean (some are like this, not all) then the gate agent has to walk down the jetbridge with you and the standby who was maddogging you is really pisesd now because they know the plane is driving away with an empty seat. You WASTED that seat, you a-HOLE! Meanwhile, the standby decides to get angry with the Gate Agent and she has to call a supervisor, and that takes 20 minutes to diffuse because pissed off airport people are like contained beasts and have nothing else to do but vent, so the Gate Agent gets written up AND misses her break because YOU DID NOT SHOW UP ON TIME

Am I exagerrating? I mean right now, yeah. I'm surprised you even followed me this far, but it's IMPORTANT to be on time. It's rude not to be. So howcome I have to wait until 459 to get my stupid table and I really wanted and planned to be somewhere less fun. OF course the time I count on it being late because it always is, and I duck out from 2-4, I miss the delivery. They can't call me, they leave a note that's polite but it's really telling me shame on me. IF I spent enough money to have something giant delivered don't I get at least a courtesy phone call?

Oh by the way these delivery douches just called now and said they'd be late, which makes me late to the place I wanted to be at by now. Good thing my sweet husband saved the day and is coming home to take the delivery.

I hate late without a phone call. A phone call at the eleventh hour usually doesn't count. IF you were running late all day then you should have informed me.


Rant over, now Im gonna go play.

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At October 11, 2011 at 2:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

HaHA I am that delivery douche. Not yours but one of them. Yes your peed of because you had to wait. Should have bought it and took it with you. But then you would have had to load it, unload it carry it in and set it up. But why? Let somebody else do it for you.
What you didn't see was when we came to work today the sales person failed to pull your table from the big warehouse from hell and decided to go home. Hey they got your money. Now I have to track your order down with the other 10 that's also not pulled. Now I got to load everything in the truck. I'm already behind for your delivery. Now the first stop because there special somehow and know somebody gets theres first. Off to Shelby we go. Now back to Belmont for #2. Now off to Kings Mt for #3. Could have stopped there coming from Shelby right? NOOOO there special to they were not home when I called to make sure they were home so I had to skip them. "Oh I had to go get my nails done and it took a little longer but I'm home now" they say when they call wanting to know where there order is. Off to #4 Get there and they cant decide where they want there order placed. The woman wants it here the man wants it there. Look people we got to go. Phone rings boss ask hey when you going to get to the table? She keeps calling and said she has something to do. Yea we do to and it's not her turn. Off to #5 Oh my husbands not home right now and wants to be here when his stuff gets here can you come later? Sure I am right here at your house but I can go somewhere else first and drive back 20 miles to you. Now its your time. We get there and not had any break because we are behind trying to make everybody happy and the first thing we hear is "I been waiting on you all day it's almost 3:00 they said you would be out at 10:00 today. Well they didn't tell us. "Well I told them I didn't have time to wait all day". #1 WE DON'T CARE. We got to you when we could. Be happy you even got it before 5:00. Because we started working at 6:30 and your not as special as the others that were put in front of you. There simple day of the delivery guy. By the way your table has a scratch in it but we will bring you another one next week when it comes in from a SPECIAL order. So we will see you again. Hope you have a good day.


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