Sunday, October 2, 2011

Things I learned In Tennis Today

A warrior yell and a cute skirt don't magically make you good at tennis.

You shouldn't wear makeup tones to compliment said cute tennis dress because you get really, really, freaking sweaty. ESPECIALLY if you are a tennis virgin like me because you end up chasing the ball around more.

Yelling "I got it" is really just self positive reinforcement. I don't actually have it.

Making contact with the ball is a good thing. Even if it is in self defense, fear, or accidentally.

If you do make contact, "Nothing but Net" isn't a good thing unless you are playing basketball, and yelling that victoriously makes you a tool.

The silver lining is that we are in New Canaan (where The Stepford Wives was filmed) and my friend has a tennis court in the back yard of her castle.

Dr. Pepper is a good rehydrant though.

Love from New Canaan.



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