Friday, November 18, 2011

Well today flew by like a witch on a mission!

I mean that in a good way though.

First thing that happened, was that I realize that when I dropped my laptop on its face recently, it didn't really appreciate it, hence my lack of tweets today. It was driving me crazy.

Then I couldn't find my phone.

Then I couldn't find my Ipad to enable the "Where is my Phone" app.

Then I couldn't find my keys.

Then I washed my hair with stress relief bath oil because I wasn't looking at what I was doing.

Then it took washing it 6 times to get it out. Then dish soap. Then 4 more times and it's still kind of grimy.

Then I realized my daughter needs a dress hemmed for tomorrow morning and if I touched it I might as well just feed it to a lion because it would end up looking better so I went to every seamstress I could find offering them whatever money they wanted and they were like "No it take two day"

Um no it really doesn't it's a simple hem. and we already pinned it in place and measured it, it just involves sewing in a straight line. Doing anything in a straight line for me is , well, let's stop laughing, I'm a complete spazz but for a seamstress it should be a cake walk. So I just about lost hope when my friend Jessica swooped by, got the dress and I pick it up later tonight. YAY!!

Earlier I had lunch with a group of saucy girls that rock , and that made me feel tons happy.

Then I realized I was late to pick up a kid which would make me late to pick up another kid. Then I realized the later kid actually is staying at school because she's in a play. Oh shit! She's in a play! Wait, but she's in the crew and actually asked us not to come, phew.

But wait! I took my husband to work and he's gonna need a ride home. CRAP! Then I realized he was walking because he's all about fitness.

Then I realized my severely ADHD daughter was sent to my house without any ADHD meds from her dad's house which is going to be a very big challenge but we will survive.

Then I realized I still need to fix my laptop which fell on its face so I took it to get fixed and the sweet people at Office Depot opened their loving arms and I opened my loving wallet and I bought another laptop just in case because I have no patience. I actually have a desktop but I hate sitting here because the chair is uncomfortabe and basically, I can't watch Dr. Phil from this room. What? I work from home.
Do you guys think I actually dress up and behave myself ALL the time? No way, I'm behind a computer. Sometimes I even drink too much Dr. Pepper and it makes me burp and I have a giggle, but if that happened to me in public I would cry.

I really do hope my laptop gets fixed though because now I don't feel like opening the box of the other one.

Now I just realized the lasagna I need to feed my kids needs to go in the oven now if it's gonna be done at any reasonable time.

BUT you guys!! guess what! The uggs I put in the washing machine came out fine!! Just stuff them! I made videos , and will upload soon!

So, yeah, my day has been effing BONKERS.


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