Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh, Crap!!

Well, I know I was celebrating the fixing of this satiny almost ball gown (but without the poof, more like a bridesmaid's dress) by my friend, but I didn't realize that it takes more work than I thought and she has three kids who were fighting, having injuries, screaming, needing baths and I do believe that I overextended her and she didn't have the heart to tell me no. So I called her last night like a psycho wondering how it was (Not like HOW THE FKK IS MY DRESS) but like, OMG I'm gonna die, is it still alive? And she said she was really tired. I felt terrible. And I was like sh*t!! Kendall needs it like NOW like right now while I'm reporting live to you guys. This is Shannon reporting Live from my trainwreck of a situation. So David went to get the dress last night and now I'm going to hem it. Myself. Please pray.


For the praying people, please pray RIGHT NOW that I don't mess this up. It will be very , very, very bad. Very bad. I'm pretty sure that passage about Jesus turning his head and weeping, would apply here except I think they would be tears of laughter because I'm already sure I'm making a mistake. MAYDAY MAYDAY



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