Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halleluja!!! (oh, crap! update!)

And the clouds parted and the angel voices rang and yes,thine damn dress or whatever was good, so sayeth the Shannon.

Do you UNDERSTAND the level of incompetence of me vs. sewing machine? (reading instructions) I know this is a bobbin but what the f is it for? Wait, how do I get it to grab the thread? Wait thread goes underneath too...wait why is this underneath thread white? What is going on? How do I get it out? Seam ripper. Wait WHAT!! Ripper? This is satin!!! I must RIP out white thread, about 14 stitches worth? OMG I need a xanax break but I don't actually have any of that. Wine would be fine too but by the time it took effect, Kendall would need the dress already because it is a PERFORMANCE dress for the Charlotte Children's Choir and it's all fancy and she performs at like, now.

OMG OMG this is a simple hem. What is wrong with me.
I finally figure out how to work the damn sewing machine, begging it to work like it can actually hear me, and miraculously I made it through. Not before sewing over a pin and breaking my needle and then having to figure out how the F to deal with that (thank GOD I had more needles and they came with instructions)

Anyway right as Kendall walked in the door, the dress was literally handed over to her. AND she said it looked SOOO good!!!

I mean I know this is just a hem but I'm telling you, I'm TELLING you, the level of not qualified that I am to be near a machine that stabs things repeatedly faster than I can come up with an excuse is like, astounding. The fact that I could even turn it AND GET THE THREAD IN was miraculous. The fact we HAD thread was miraculous.

There is no other explanation of this than all your prayers. See evidence. God works miracles. TADA!!!!



At November 19, 2011 at 8:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived that exact insanity! You make me giggle a lot!


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