Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Smutty Tingles Coming Your Way

I just thought this was funny. My friend Ramona sent me the link to this site and it made me snicker all morning but I think this one is my favorite.

Not much going on in Shannonland, work is manageable, and I hit the Caribbean very shortly for a while, and BAM then Christmas! Can't believe how fast the holiday season swoops in and outta here.

I just realized I need a pedicure STAT. My toenails are so tiny I have to grow them out as long as I can stand it just so they can be painted. I think it's about time. Having little feet is nice too because I can try on the shoes at the store without sending the salespeople to the back to get my actual size. They put all the small ones out there so you have to ask. The bad news is, sometimes, the only one in your size is the display one. But Good News Again!! Discount!!! OH speaking of shoes, I completely trashed a pair of black louboutins , not on purpose, just because they were my all time favorite and I wore them on a rainy day - - the insole came out and I damaged the outsole, and I thought they were lost forever. I only wore them about a zillion times, so I guess I would live, but I was told Belk's shoe repair department could do wonders. I was really skeptical because they don't even sell Louboutin so how could they understand the heap of fairy dust that comes along with owning them? But, it was either that or fly them out personally to the Leather Spa in NYC and then fly back to pick them up. (I fly free, calm down, I'm not that pretentious) But anyway whatever, they fixed them up like new for $33. I thought they were a total loss. I would have paid a few hundred to fix them because they were, well, they were Loubs and I'm not gonna actually say how much they were but damnit they were a birthday gift from my sweetie and I loved them and they are the only full price pair I own. The rest I got on sale. Swearsies. So I was in love with them. So what? Don't judge.

Are you stuck on the flying free part still? I have a pilot friend who lets me on his free pass as his plus one because I was always very kind to him when others weren't and he wanted to make it easier for me to leave the airline and pursue my own business. He was just at Thanksgiving with us this week. Such a great friend. He's not gay and he doesn't date, so the plus one space was wasted anyway.

I seriously seriously need a point here. The point was I like the picture I posted above. This other nonsense was a bonus. Don't mention it..sigh....I'm a giver!! Hahaha



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