Saturday, December 3, 2011

Globally Fantastically Delicious!

So, here we are, even in vacation mode, I am working, which is fine because I'm hard to contain.

I'm really excited because right now I'm booking my ticket to Nashville in January to meet artists, and my new partners at a Nashville based Entertainment Group/Agency to eventually work with more artists and record labels to handle their PR. There is a LOT of money in this for me, so I'm delighted to be involved and flattered they chose me.

I love Charlotte, but I've always spread my wings to other possibilities. I've traveled the world, and I want to keep doing it. I work partially digitally, so I can do that from anywhere and can serve any client from my desk. I'm super excited and meeting all of my goals.

I just thought I'd like to share that, because I'm just thrilled! Thrilled! Thrilled!!


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