Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Life Has Changed Forever

I held a rescued baby sea turtle in the palm of my hand last week and it was a dream come true. That baby turtle just reached its little flippers up to the heavens like he wanted a hug and I was changed forever.

These fragile, delecate, vulnerable creatures have so much adversity to overcome, and in my own life, I have experienced that as well. I feel connected to these precious magical sweeties, and I have decided to try and spearhead a team of volunteers to help with Sea Turtle conservation in Costa Rica.

We have many sea turtles along the coast of SC, mostly loggerheads and hawksbills, but the main nesting grounds are the ones that are in dire need of volunteers. I have chosen Costa Rica because this is where our sweet turtles end up migrating after they leave the nest, provided they get to the water. Sea Turtles travel over 8000 km guided by unknown compasses to fulfill their destiny, but the harsh reality is that only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings make it to adulthood. The adult sea turtle is a MIRACLE.

Please consider volunteering, or donating to the cause. I would like to do this in 2013 to have plenty of time to raise the money needed. I can pay for my own but I really want to take a team, so I created this account at GoFundMe. I will video and tweet and name turtles after you if you donate.

I just feel compelled to see this through. Can you please find it in your heart to give a dollar, five, ten, twenty? We have a year and a half to put it together.

I really feel like I am being called to do this. Are you with me?? Even if you only have a dollar, I promise I will document the whole thing and by the time it is over, you'll be in tears just like I was after holding that sweet delicate creature.

Thanks, guys!!! xx

Here's the link!!



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