Friday, December 30, 2011

Q and A Time!

I almost forgot I promised to post this for Janelle, one of my readers all the way out in South Africa!! Big fat shoutouts to Marie LaVance and Sarah Rosher because we used to do those surveys ALL the time on MySpace!! I thought it was appropriate because as the blog hits increase, for some reason, (thank you!) I find myself reintroducing myself to people who are wondering who the hell the person is behind all of this tomfoolery.

Things That Make Shannon Tick and Fun Facts:

I love shoes A LOT. A lot a lot. I don't like paying full price for them, especially since I have expensive shoe taste. The prettiest ones hurt like hell. I am sure I am going to have to answer in heaven for my reckless stewardship of the money I make on expensive shoes. It's kind of a problem.

I do believe I am going to Heaven. It takes more faith to be an athiest than it does to believe that all of these things in this beautiful life just kinda happened. I talk to God when I drive. Sometimes I yell in the car when I'm mad at him. I am not religious, but I do feel like I have angels who look out for me who answer to a higher power. I don't judge others' religions, I'm just glad you have something.

I am fascinated with midgets
. Not in a sexual way. I am stopping right there because it just is what it is. I would never be mean to a little person. I just want to dress him/her up and dance with them. And possibly put him/her in a sea turtle costume and hug them. I feel guilty about this, but it comes from a good place.

I adore sea turtles.
I love them, so much, they make me want to cry they are so cute. I want to save them. I held a baby hatchling and told it I loved it. They let me name it Mermaid before they set him free back into the ocean. He/She was so cute, a tiny little hawksbill. Turtles are so special and magical. I just love them. I have a sea turtle stuffed animal that sleeps on our bed. Her name is Tortuga. I hold her when David is out of town. Fact.

I believe in soul mates.

I want to embrace my inner child as long as possible Because life is so short, really, it is. I love to pursue things that make my have butterflies in my stomach. Never let the butterflies die. Too many people spend their youth chasing success and money, and then when they achieve it, their health declines. I want to live in the present. NOW. I try not to care how I am percieved by others. It's tough, but necessary.

I get my feelings hurt easily and I need to work on developing a thicker skin because I get angry, angry, angry when people are just complete jerks, so angry that sometimes I don't even see the jerk I am being right back. It is so hard to turn that other cheek, especially if I am convinced I am blameless and right. I often always think I am right though, so I try to remind myself of that and then just drop it and fight all temptation to be a sass mouth. I try very hard not to gossip, only to vent to close friends.

I am always cold EVEN in the summer!! Sweatshirts year round. I hate being cold!

I will laugh at your joke

...even if I don't get it, which will be obvious, then you'll call me out and I'll laugh at myself more for laughing.

When I get the giggles I can't stop. It's really hard.

I have the worst insomnia which makes it suck to be mad at someone because usually that's when I lose my patience and write "piece of mind" emails. I am usually sorry for them later.

I have tiny feet
I can wear kid's size four shoes, which makes finding my sky high heels challenging because they are usually special order and therefore not on sale. I have really stupid toenails, my pinky toenail is smaller than the tip of the nail brush. It's so embarrassing to get pedicures.

Past huge celebrity crushes:
David Bowie in Labyrinth (first crush ever)
Joe McIntyre NKOTB
Jax from General Hospital
Ryan Gosling
Adam Levine, til he danced too girly for me at his last show. I still think he's pretty, but my crush is at bay.

I hate romantic comedies, but I love the movie Serendipity

I think Disney is to blame for the divore rate. We are brought up as little girls to think that we will be rescued by a prince, that everything works out happy, and you will not get your heart broken. True love conquers all.

I think my husband is to blame for showing me that I should probably stop being so mean to Disney, after all, I am now the Queen in my own fairy tale life, due to a certain prince courting me.

I love coffee. Chocolate. Laughing.

That's about all, I mean, not really, but I have something else I need to do. Thanks for hanging out here a little longer and have a great new year!!

Do something sweet and unexpected.

Love you all the way to the moon!

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Hey Howdy Hey!

Looks like we made it another year, kids!!
Sorry for the little blog pause there, but it is so crazy when everyone is home and the routine gets disrupted. Good thing I prepared early, workwise and basically pushed everything professional that I could over to the beginning of January.

Monday, I blast off to Nashville and I'm really excited! There I'll meet with my partners at Tipping Point Entertainment to hammer out the details of some exciting new projects for us. This will be my first time on Music Row, and since I am such a live music lover, of all sorts, I will be so excited just to take all of this in. Nashville, the place where music is a way of life, where artists go to get discovered and where a lot of my new business will be centered. I'm thrilled to work with the record labels and artists that will be performing on the eastern seaboard in 2012 and moving forward!!

Of course, I'll keep all my clients in Charlotte, but ever since I started working with Live Nation almost two years ago, this type of thing is what I've been setting my sights on. I love the fashion industry, but the music is where my heart really is. I get really thrilled when I get to do fashion events, but the feeling of adrenaline rushing, heart pounding, all of my senses being rattled, and actually being backstage filming or interviewing, or working with the fans - - that really gets the blood moving.

This is a big step for my business, moving it to a national level, so I'm very pleased with the growth.

Basically, YAY! Is what I am saying here. Basically.

Happy new year eveyone!! Be safe, don't drink too much, and try not to be assholes to each other. Life's too short to be that way. Love you!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Life Has Changed Forever

I held a rescued baby sea turtle in the palm of my hand last week and it was a dream come true. That baby turtle just reached its little flippers up to the heavens like he wanted a hug and I was changed forever.

These fragile, delecate, vulnerable creatures have so much adversity to overcome, and in my own life, I have experienced that as well. I feel connected to these precious magical sweeties, and I have decided to try and spearhead a team of volunteers to help with Sea Turtle conservation in Costa Rica.

We have many sea turtles along the coast of SC, mostly loggerheads and hawksbills, but the main nesting grounds are the ones that are in dire need of volunteers. I have chosen Costa Rica because this is where our sweet turtles end up migrating after they leave the nest, provided they get to the water. Sea Turtles travel over 8000 km guided by unknown compasses to fulfill their destiny, but the harsh reality is that only 1 in 1,000 hatchlings make it to adulthood. The adult sea turtle is a MIRACLE.

Please consider volunteering, or donating to the cause. I would like to do this in 2013 to have plenty of time to raise the money needed. I can pay for my own but I really want to take a team, so I created this account at GoFundMe. I will video and tweet and name turtles after you if you donate.

I just feel compelled to see this through. Can you please find it in your heart to give a dollar, five, ten, twenty? We have a year and a half to put it together.

I really feel like I am being called to do this. Are you with me?? Even if you only have a dollar, I promise I will document the whole thing and by the time it is over, you'll be in tears just like I was after holding that sweet delicate creature.

Thanks, guys!!! xx

Here's the link!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

I Love You Anyway

6am. Oh no the f$@@ you didn't, I'm going to END you!
...monthly, almost weekly occurance in our house courtesy of our psycho dog.

Our dog, Kito very often will get into the trash can when we're not looking and strew things about. This usually happens at night or when we aren't home. You can always tell when he's done it because his tail is between his legs and he has a very guilty look.

Very soon after the trash raid, he will vomit all over the floor. Not the hardwoods, but the expensive persian carpets we have in our house that cost a lot of money to get cleaned. Or on the regular carpet, which means we have to get Stanley Steemer because it smells so bad.

He has torn up my thousands of dollars Ethan Allan furniture - which he made his dog bed. It's repairable, and only in our front room so we had just begun to train him to sleep on his fancy orthopedic dog bed. I have had to live with tons of random clutter all over the couches in my front room because it deterrs him from sleeping on it tearing the stuffing out of the cushions of the furniture I splurged on that I couldn't afford at the time, was late on credit card payments and ended up paying three times as much for. I was so committed to gettng the furniture that it was in my divorce agreement. It's not our main furniture, like I said, it's in the front room and the damage is hideable but it made me boiling mad.

I would chase him out the door when I found the trash or a new piece of fluffy stuffing on the floor. He'd be afraid of me til he got outside then 5 seconds later he'd be reset, wagging his tail ready to come in and I'd still be pissed off. I have had to apologize to countless runners in the park, people with kids, delivery people, guests and their dogs that he has terrorized with his size and knocked over. His way of saying hello is to jump up with both paws and throw all his weight forward, sending you flying backward. The sight of him running toward you like a greyhound is terrifying, and he always skids to a stop at the last minute.

Waking up to a kitchen full of trash and a pile full of vomit to clean was never fun, and after he came out of his hiding place he'd reset like nothing happened and be ready for his walk. If he doesn't get two walks a day, he is hyper and rowdy and knocks things over. He has no impulse control. He has caused me to seriously cut my finger twice rudely trying to sniff meat I am cutting by forcing his face between my legs or around me and then up. He's strong as an ox.

He's an indoor dog, a princess. He howls so loud people miles away can probably hear him if you leave him out very long. He plays too rough and he farts all the time.

None of us ever has socks because he eats them and then we find them a day later outside in poop. He has eaten socks, batteries, money, dice, coins, hot wheels cars, panties, boxers, small towels , a mini diet coke bottle,a teddy bear, chapsticks and polly pockets not to mention whatever was in the trash every time he got into that.

He has had 3 surgeries so far, one to remove a wad of socks, one to remove a teddy bear, and the most current one, to remove another couple of socks.

He's strong, he's tall and he knows how to open doors. We try our best to keep him out of things. We are missing the remote and actually suspected the dog of eating it, but since he just had surgery and we didnt find the remote, it's either pooped out already or we actually lost it.

I have called this dog every name in the book. He wags his tail happily, no matter what you say. It has been a nightmare and I used to secretly wish he would run away.

Now that dog is sitting at the animal hospital in the balance of life and death, we don't know if he can tolerate another surgery, and he is extremely sick from complications of the surgery a few days ago. He has not eaten in a week and will not drink water or take his pain meds or antibiotics. The Vet doesn't know exactly what is wrong this time, but it's one of several scenarios, the worst being that his intestines burst and there is no fix for that. Best case he just needs antibiotics but he's so swollen and doesn't have a fever, so it's probably more serious than that. He's dehydrated so badly his lips are chapped.

I slept on his dogbed with him last night . He threw up in my hair and I didn't care. I have been up 24/7 with this dog, praying that the kids don't lose their best friend before Christmas much less at all. I'm scheduled to fly out of town to conclude the vacation with a Carribean holiday that I've been talking about and I can't bring myself to leave if I don't know if he's okay.

I honestly thought that I was lukewarm about the dog, and I wondered why the tears haven't stopped flowing for three days. If that dog gave me so much stress, why am I so upset and evidently attached? It's deeper than the kids' attachment. And then I realized that part of love is the other side of the coin - - that dog could make me go from normal to furious in a matter of seconds. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - - I absolutely love that damn dog like he was my child . He is my child. And I need him to get better not just for the kids but for me too. There will never be another Kito. I'd give anything to walk into a kitchen full of trash right now and one of his Rambo-hugs. I am sitting at the vet right now and I used clorox wipes on my face because I thought they were tissues and I have broken out in hives. He vomited bile on my Uggs and I probably won't wipe it off, since the thought that this might be his parting gift is hanging over my head.

Kito, you stupid ass idiot dog, PLEASE get better because I love you SO MUCH.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Well played, Karma. Well played...

I don't really have much to add except this small funny story about Karma being a b*** hence the title, which I learned today.

Apparently,the Albuquerque area, where I'm from, got a record setting amount of snow today and everyone's facebook status updates are like SNOW SNOW BAAAHH!!! So I smartassedly changed my status to "Enjoy all that damn snow, New Mexico, I am currently trying to decide which bikini goes with what sarong #carribeanholiday HA HA" or something to that effect. Have fun shoveling yourself out of your driveway.

Then, I immediately tripped on my laptop cord, jostling loose the input part in the computer, causing my nails I just painted to smear all over my clothes, toe is bleeding, and I just realized the new swimsuit bottom I bought is too small and makes my ass look like a sack of mashed potatoes in the mirror. Why didn't it look like that in the fitting room???? FAIL.

So there you go. Karma bitchslapped me for making fun of all you snow angels.

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Globally Fantastically Delicious!

So, here we are, even in vacation mode, I am working, which is fine because I'm hard to contain.

I'm really excited because right now I'm booking my ticket to Nashville in January to meet artists, and my new partners at a Nashville based Entertainment Group/Agency to eventually work with more artists and record labels to handle their PR. There is a LOT of money in this for me, so I'm delighted to be involved and flattered they chose me.

I love Charlotte, but I've always spread my wings to other possibilities. I've traveled the world, and I want to keep doing it. I work partially digitally, so I can do that from anywhere and can serve any client from my desk. I'm super excited and meeting all of my goals.

I just thought I'd like to share that, because I'm just thrilled! Thrilled! Thrilled!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Ship

Who says going to the islands means you're losing out on all the Christmas cheer. These twinkling lights over paradise beg to differ - - there is holiday spirit wherever you look. Spending a chunk of December in the islands isn't avoiding anything, it's a slowdown, an embrace of what's really important and a chance to let go of the things that aren't!

What are you all doing for the holidays?

I can't wait to visit the Sea Turtle Rescue center and hopefully get to hold a little baby sea turtle. They are my favorite lil guys in the world..I will probably cry when I touch one. They are so darn cute!!! I love them!! I wish I could smuggle one home.....

Thanks in advance to the Ritz Carlton - St. Thomas, Kelly Steward and the entire Ritz Carlton team for the complimentary second honeymoon!! xoxo

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